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Teachers are Heroes: Sangaree Intermediate's Sarah Meeks makes learning an adventure

Published Friday, October 26, 2018

Sarah Meeks

Ms. Sarah Meeks

When fellow teachers, administrators and even students describe Sangaree Intermediate’s (SRI) Sarah Meeks, there’s a word that’s frequently used – inspiration.

The 5th-grade reading/ELA teacher says being a teacher was always her dream. Inspiration to pursue a dream is one of the many things she hopes to instill in her students. 

SRI Principal Angel Siegling describes the 2018 Teacher of the Year as “one of the most creative teachers I’ve ever worked with.” 

“She is always looking for new strategies that inspire and engage her students,” Mrs. Siegling said. 

Ms. Meeks says her students probably believe she’s a “little more different than most.” Recently she had desks in her classroom replaced with old dining room sets. The goal – unique flex seating that would making learning more comfortable. Administrators say it’s not uncommon to come into her room and see decorations and theme music that align with the lesson of the week or day. 

In Ms. Meeks’ class, learning is a memorable experience. 

“Learning new things is fun, enriching, and can open a world of new possibilities,” she said. “My favorite aspect of teaching is working with children every day. Children open my eyes to things I wouldn't see through my ‘adult eyes.’ They question the world differently. They see the world differently, and through their eyes, I have opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for adventure.” 

Among Ms. Meeks’ proudest moments are when she’s been able to establish a connection with students, ignite a spark and watch them grow. One such moment she will never forget was when a “class clown” transformed into an A/B student. 

“Ms. Meeks forms terrific relationships with her students,” Mrs. Siegling said. “Relationships are the key to success, and she knows it!” 

Sarah Meeks is a graduate of Charleston Southern University with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. 

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