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BCSD Diversity Spotlight - October 2018

Published Thursday, October 25, 2018

Mrs. Moshawnna Wyche stands outside her classroom door at Goose Creek Elementary

Mrs. Moshawnna Wyche stands outside her classroom door at Goose Creek Elementary (BCSD photo)

“Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.”

A goal of the Office of Diversity is to promote a climate that demonstrates respect and appreciation for the diversity of our district while fostering an inclusive environment. A clear example of diversity and inclusion being valued was recently observed during a visit to Mrs. Moshawnna Wyche’s classroom at Goose Creek Elementary School.

Mrs. Wyche, a third-grade teacher at the school, allows her classroom door to say it all with the theme, “We Are Global Citizens.” As students enter her classroom, they see a door display of students from around the world who say hello in different languages and make positive comments about celebrating differences, making the world a better place and showing respect for all.

Dr. Levine, the district’s chief diversity officer, had the opportunity to observe Mrs. Wyche in action when she visited her classroom along with Principal Kathy Sullivan during an early release day in September as students were having fun with club day. During club day, students have the opportunity to engage in various activities based on the clubs in which they decide to participate. Mrs. Wyche and Ms. Dee Donnahoo, a fourth-grade teacher, developed and hosted the “Girls in Pearls” club.

On this particular day, students were working on an activity called “Finding Your Inner Princess.” Students worked in pairs on Chromebooks to find character princesses they liked and later wrote sentences about the character traits they most admired in their selected princesses. Students selected a diverse group of princesses from various countries and explained the characteristics they liked about each. Smart, brave, loyal, caring, fair and strong were just a few of the adjectives students used to describe the traits they most admired in their selected princesses.

The club activity was an excellent extension of the theme on Mrs. Wyche’s classroom door, “We Are Global Citizens.” As students found their inner princesses, it was clear that they were also learning about diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion. Mrs. Wyche gives the students who participate in the club and the students in her third-grade class something great to imitate.

Note: The Office of Diversity will continue to share spotlights throughout the school year on staff members who take steps to promote diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion. If you know staff members who promote these goals, please send their information to Office of Diversity staff members (Dr. Glenda Levine at and Vicki Shirar at