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Get highlights and information from the September 18, 2018 Board of Education meeting

E-UPDATE FOR September 18, 2018
This edition of In the Loop, published and distributed by the Department of Communications and Community Engagement, provides a highlighted summary of actions taken by the Berkeley County Board of Education at its regular meeting held on Tuesday, September 18, 2018. Complete Board meetings are recorded and archived on the BCSD YouTube channel. Photographs from the board meetings are available for viewing and download at

More information on board members and meetings can be found on the Board Docs website. After selecting a meeting date, you can view an agenda for the meeting, items for information, and items for action. Board Docs is updated in real-time during the regular meetings.



  • Minutes: Regular Meeting - August 28, 2018


Academics and Innovation Committee

  • Head Start Budget Expenditures Report for July 2018, Head Start Credit Card Report for July 2018, and Prospective New Hires

Finance and Human Resources Committee


Academics and Innovation Committee

Finance and Human Resources Committee


Superintendent Dr. Eddie Ingram commented on a variety of topics concerning Berkeley County Schools and its students, faculty, staff and the communities served by the system. These remarks included:

  • Recent Cancellation of Schools- Ingram thanked everyone for their cooperation and understanding with our recent cancelation of schools due to the threat from Hurricane Florence. The sheriff’s office and local county officials are to be commended for working with our school district to help us through what could have been much worse.  He asked that we all remember our neighbors to the north and help out where we can as they begin the recovery process.
  • Shelter volunteers and school officials- Dr. Ingram thanked the volunteers and school officials who staffed shelters at the following schools: Goose Creek High, Cane Bay High, Cross High, Berkeley Middle, St. Stephens Elementary, West View Primary, Westview Middle and Macedonia Middle. In all, our school district provided temporary shelter for over 800 people. He expressed that he very much appreciated our administrators who served in shelters in their schools and our administrators who stepped up to assist in a shelter even though it was not their particular school. He said that all of them were true servant leaders and commended them for stepping up and making sure the communities were safe and all our shelter schools were covered. Some of our administrators did not leave their campuses the entire time.
  • Make-up days- Ingram participated in a statewide conference call with State Superintendent Molly Spearman before the storm. We have been instructed to use our pre-determined make-up days first.  Those dates are: October, 22nd, January 7th, and March 18th. 
  • Progress report release and end-of-quarter adjustments- Dr. Ingram explained that because we have missed a total of 4 instructional days, we would like to move our Progress Report date for the 1st quarter from September 27th to October 2nd. This would require board approval. We would request that we move the end of the 1st quarter from October 19th to October 23rd, and we would like to move the 1st quarter report card date from October 25th to October 31st. We will put these requests in the form of a motion next week. These adjustments to the first quarter will provide more instructional time for teachers after losing four days.
  • High school football- High school football will return to regularly scheduled games this week. Any games missed last week will attempt to be made up at the end of the season or when schools can mutually agree to do so.