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APs named at Westview Elementary, Daniel Island School and Whitesville Elementary

Published Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The hirings of three assistant principals at Berkeley County schools were approved by the Berkeley County Board of Education Tuesday evening during the board’s scheduled workshop.

Rethmiriam Barr – Westview Elementary

From left to right are Reth Barr and Shawn Wimmer

Pictured from left to right are "Reth" Barr and Shawn Wimmer. (BCSD photo)

Ms. Rethmiriam Barr steps into the leadership role at Westview Elementary after working as an administrative assistant at J.K. Gourdin Elementary in the Pineville area of Berkeley County. In addition to her administrative assistant role, she also coordinated the school’s afterschool STEM program and was the director of the Child Development Educational Programs at J.K. Gourdin.

WVE Principal Shawn Wimmer described Ms. Barr as a ‘perfect fit’ for the opportunity on the Westview campus.

“She is an experienced administrator, whose colleagues think very highly of her.  We’re excited to capitalize on her STEM experiences,” Ms. Wimmer said.  “I am absolutely positive that everyone is going to notice early on that Reth is relationship driven, and puts students’ and teachers’ needs at the center of everything she does.”

Ms. Barr said she is “thrilled for the opportunity” to work in a leadership role at Westview Elementary and promises a warm greeting and strong sense of school pride for students, parents and coworkers.

“I’m excited about making a difference in instruction and inspiring the teachers and students,” she said.

Ms. Barr has worked in Berkeley County School District since 2001, when she was hired as a 4th-grade teacher at Boulder Bluff Elementary.

Jonathan Rose – Whitesville Elementary

Jonathan Rose

Jonathan Rose (BCSD photo)

Jonathan Rose returns to Berkeley County School District after leaving Timberland High in 2005 for opportunities in Charleston County and later McCormick County.

His 20-year career in education began at College Park Middle. His resume boasts experience teaching on nearly every grade level. He's also been a coach of several sports.

“This rich background will assist him in making connections with our students, parents, teachers, and community,” Whitesville Elementary Principal Katie Taie said. “His student-centered approach to decision-making will be valued as a leader.”

Mr. Rose said he is truly thankful for the opportunity to once again work in a BCSD school.

“Words cannot describe my excitement,” he said. “I get to help Principal Taie make a positive impact in our community. I will do my best to serve the students, parents, and teachers at Whitesville Elementary. I am proud to say you cannot say ‘aWESome’ without WES.”

Ruth Butka – Daniel Island School

Ruth Butka

Ruth Butka (BCSD photo)

Ms. Butka’s entire career as an educator has been spent in BCSD schools. In addition to teaching, she’s been a mentor, teacher evaluator, trainer and grade chair. In 2015 she was selected as Nexton Elementary’s Teacher of the Year.

Ms. Butka was most recently at Boulder Bluff Elementary, where she worked as an administrative assistant.

When describing Ms. Butka’s selection for the AP role at Daniel Island School, Principal Kori Brown made it clear that her new hire’s passion is to be admired.

“She is well-rounded and passionate about education and about students,” Principal Brown said. “She is enthusiastic and a good fit for our school community and our community at large.”

Ms. Butka grew up in the Wando area, and said she’s excited to again be a part of the community in her new role.

“I’m humbled. …I’m looking forward to it. I’m truly stunned,” she said.

Kindness and consistency – Ms. Butka said that’s what students, teachers and community members can expect to see from her early in her role.

“That’s showing a love for kids, and treating others the way you want to be treated,” she said. “It’s being in classrooms. It’s important to me that every child knows my name quickly. That’s the most important thing – showing you’re there. I’m visible.”


At Tuesday’s workshop the board also approved the hire of Danna Cousins as the district director of testing and accountability.