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BCSD's Tim Knight named K-12 Campus Safety Director of the Year by Campus Safety Magazine

Published Monday, July 23, 2018

Photo of Tim Knight following the award presentation

Pictured from left to right are Campus Safety Conference Event Director Amy Reddington, BCSD Safety and Security Director Tim Knight and Campus Safety Magazine Editor-in-Chief Robin Hattersley. (BCSD photo)

Berkeley County Safety and Security Director Tim Knight has worked tirelessly to make school campuses safer. 

Reflections on years of crisis simulations, regular trainings, technology and physical plant upgrades occupy his mind each day as he works to prepare BCSD administrators, teachers and students for worst-case scenarios everyone hopes to never witness. 

There’s no blanket approach, but there is one thing you will hear Knight say over and over to community members and stakeholders. 

“Safety and security is our number one priority.” 

On Thursday, July 19 Knight stood before a crowd in the DC Metro area and was recognized for his commitment in making safety and security the top priority at Berkeley County schools. He was one of two people named K-12 Campus Safety Director of the Year by Campus Safety Magazine.

Knight was named a finalist earlier this year and was announced as a winner of the award following judging by a panel comprised of healthcare professionals, police chiefs and school/campus security experts. It’s a national award Campus Safety Magazine has presented for 11 years. 

Campus Safety Magazine Editor-in-Chief Robin Hattersley described Knight and three other winners from school/hospital/university categories as professionals who “continue to raise the bar.” 

“It’s hard to put my feelings in response to receiving this recognition into words,” Knight said. “I am honored and humbled to know industry experts believe in what we are doing at Berkeley County School District. Protecting students and staff members is truly a team effort. While this is a great accomplishment for us, we also can’t get comfortable with what we are doing. We will continue to implement new and creative approaches to school safety. The safety and security of our students, teachers and administrators will remain our top priority.”

Thursday’s announcement was made during the 2018 Campus Safety Conference – an event billed as a 2-day training for administrators, public safety officials, and law enforcement executives on campus safety, security and emergency management solutions. 

“Tim is doing things on our campuses that you don’t see in every school district,” said BCSD Superintendent Dr. Eddie Ingram. “His approach to safety and security is proactive and invaluable. He deserves this recognition, and we are blessed to have him here working at Berkeley County School District.” 

Among the accomplishments for which Knight was specifically recognized were:

  • Creation of an annual SRO summer training program for active shooters, de-escalation, defensive tactics, bomb threats, child abuse and sexual assault, CPR/first-aid and more
  • Creation of school safety committees comprised of assistant principals, counselors, nurses, head custodians, nutrition managers and CPR-certified teachers in every school
  • Provided mass-casualty training and response kits for all BCSD SROs
  • Implemented a clear bag/no bag entry procedure for all athletic events
  • Implemented administrator de-escalation and injury prevention training program