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Student Spotlight: Gabrielle Rice wishes she could change how people look at things

Published Saturday, May 12, 2018

Gabrielle Rice is known for her positive attitude. Her can-do nature and belief that “you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar” can be somewhat contagious.

As a 5th-grader at Westview Elementary in Goose Creek she will admit she’s experiencing the hardships of preteen years. It’s her approach to those times and her dedication to making the right decisions that she believes set her apart from other students her age.

Gabrielle says she simply has no time for negativity. Friends are important, but friendships aren’t her priority. She’s laser-focused on the future and her grades, study habits and demeanor show it. She has a goal of one day becoming a doctor. 

She finds inspiration to work hard from people like Westview teacher Mr. Michael Gaddis. The foundation on which her belief that kindness goes a long way is built upon lessons she’s learned from her mother and grandmother.

For more on Gabrielle, watch our Student Spotlight interview above.

Brian Troutman