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Cane Bay singers among the best in South Carolina

Published Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Photo of Cane Bay Choirs

Cane Bay Choirs (BCSD photo)

Last week Cane Bay Choirs competed against the top choirs in South Carolina and members solidified their place among the state's top singers at the Palmetto State Chorale Championships.

The ladies choir received Straight Superior ratings, scoring 375 of 400 possible points. The ladies were claimed first place in the treble choir division, second in the grade 4 division and fifth place among 23 total participating choirs.

“We competed against the best of the best from around SC, and were met with some pretty stiff judging as well,” Cane Bay High School Director of Choirs William Bennett said.

The Cane Bay Cobra Chorale also received Straight Superior ratings, scoring 382 of 400 points. The chorale finished third overall, and second among Division 5 Concert Choir competitors.

Mr. Bennett said a list of the top 10 Cane Bay singers is also being sent to the Statehouse to be read and recognized.

“We had a great day,” Mr. Bennett said. “We heard some fantastic singing from all choirs and we learned a tremendous amount! We are so proud of the work these students have put in this year, and the growth that we have seen in all of our singers!”

The top 5 choirs in the state were:

1- Clover Choraliers

2- Clover Honors Chorale

3- Cane Bay Cobra Chorale

4- York Comprehensive Chamber Singers

5- Cane Bay Ladies Honors Choir