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Get highlights and information from the April 10, 2018 Board of Education meeting

E-UPDATE FOR April 10, 2018

This edition of In the Loop, published and distributed by the Department of Communications and Community Engagement, provides a highlighted summary of actions taken by the Berkeley County Board of Education at its regular meeting held on Tuesday, April 10, 2018. Complete Board meetings are recorded and archived on the BCSD YouTube channel. Photographs from meetings are available for viewing and download HERE.

Click HERE to view Board Docs. After selecting the meeting date, you can view the agenda for the meeting, the items for information, and items for action. Board Docs is updated in real-time during the regular meetings.





Superintendent Dr. Eddie Ingram commented on a variety of topics concerning Berkeley County Schools and its students, faculty, staff and the communities served by the system. These remarks included:

  • Spring break – Ingram welcomed everyone back from spring break, and said he trusted that everyone had some time with family and friends and enjoyed some well-deserved rest.
  • Rookie Teacher of the Year Finalists- Ingram congratulated three of our first year teachers. College Park Middle’s Jered Crosby, Goose Creek Primary’s Jennifer Marble, and Hanahan Middle’s Ashley Cox were named finalists for Rookie Teacher of the Year. We are very proud of these teachers, and we are thankful that they, and all of our teachers, chose Berkeley County. VIEW ARTICLE
  • Stratford HOSA Club- Ingram congratulated five Stratford students who qualified to compete at the HOSA International Leadership Conference in Dallas in June. Megan Cross and Kylie Weir placed first in medical innovation; Jemiah Williams placed third in epidemiology; Celeste Class-Rodriguez placed first in CPR, and Kyleigh Gregg placed third in CPR. We are proud of their accomplishments! VIEW ARTICLE
  • Community Conversations- Monday evening, BCSD held our fifth Community Conversation at Philip Simmons High. Ingram shared that we had good conversation regarding school safety, and we used technology, through Facebook, to entertain questions and comments from parents virtually.
  • Upcoming meetings- Dr. Ingram shared that Wednesday morning he would be attending a regional STEM Symposium at Trident Technical College, and Wednesday evening he will be at Philip Simmons Elementary (PSE) for stakeholder meeting to discuss the selection of a new principal for PSE. On Thursday evening, he will also be attending the stakeholder meeting in the Boardroom to discuss the principal selection for Berkeley Middle College.
  • E. Bonner Tech-Fest- Dr. Ingram will be attending a drop in event for H. E. Bonner’s first Tech-Fest event next Tuesday evening.
  • Fourth and final round of official school visits- Ingram will be starting his fourth and final round of official school visits next week. This time around, he will briefly go to each classroom and thank teachers for their leadership this year.
  • Timberland High’s “Pie for Ty” fundraising event- Ingram concluded his remarks with some “feel good” news. On the Friday before break, teachers, administrators and Dr. Ingram took a “pie for Ty” during a Timberland High School fundraiser. Mr. Ty Darby, the Timberland building construction teacher, is bravely battling cancer, and students and staff raised money to help support him in his fight. Principal Daugherty even promised to shave his head if the students raised more money during the event than they had prior, and he delivered on that promise after students contributed more than twice the amount they raised prior to the event. The students presented Mr. Darby’s family with more than $1600! VIEW ARTICLE & VIDEO
Katie Orvin Tanner