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BCSD announces finalists for Rookie Teacher of the Year

Published Friday, March 30, 2018

Photos of three Rookie Teacher of the Year Finalists

Pictured from left to right CPM's Jered Crosy and Princpal Dukes, GCP's Jennifer Marble, and Hanahan Middle's Principal Rogers and Ashley Cox. (BCSD photo)

The Rookie Teacher of the Year Committee for Berkeley County School District has narrowed its list of candidates for 2018 Rookie Teacher of the Year to a final three.

The finalists – listed in alphabetical order by school – are: College Park Middle’s Jered Crosby, Goose Creek Primary’s Jennifer Marble, and Hanahan Middle’s Ashley Cox.

The principals from the schools of the top three rookie educators, who will advance to compete for the 2018 district-level Rookie Teacher of the Year honor, included the following in their statement of nomination for these teachers:

  • College Park Middle- Jered Crosby: Principal Ingrid Dukes said that Mr. Crosby is a difference maker. He has a natural ability to connect with students in a way that translates to high levels of student engagement, increased student achievement, and overall student success. Mr. Crosby embraces technology, and he creates a classroom atmosphere that encourages students to take risks without fear of failure. Mr. Crosby teaches students to work and communicate effectively, helping to prepare them to have the skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century.

  • Goose Creek Primary- Jennifer Marble: Principal Kathy Sullivan said that Ms. Marble is one of the most enthusiastic teachers she has ever met. It is obvious that she absolutely adores working with her English Language Learners and enjoys the frequent collaboration with the classroom teachers of students she serves. Ms. Marble volunteers for every family night event and is a welcome sight for parents who do not speak English. She uses her life experiences and compassion to reach out and offer assistance whenever necessary. Ms. Marble’s work and students are clearly her passion.

  • Hanahan Middle- Ashley Cox: Principal Robin Rogers said that Ashley is a tremendous young teacher who goes the extra mile for all of her students. She works hard to differentiate and individualize her lesson plans to accommodate her students’ needs, and she has become a vital member of the 5th grade team by taking an active role in collaboration and planning. Ms. Cox is an effective communicator with parents and colleagues, exhibiting professionalism and maturity beyond her years.

Rookie Teachers of the Year are nominated by their school principals based on the following criteria:

  • Conducting effective instructional planning to meet the needs of all students;
  • Providing and facilitating quality instruction;
  • Organizing and implementing a culture of learning in the classroom;
  • Managing student behavior and classroom events;
  • Developing effective relationships with students, parents/guardians and peers;
  • Modeling professional demeanor and behavior;
  • Serving as an advocate for students and public education as a whole.

All school-level Rookie Teachers of the Year, as well as the three finalists, will be recognized at the final PRIDE Celebration on May 29th at Westview Middle School.

The District will announce its Rookie Teacher of the Year during the celebration.

For a full listing of all school-level rookie teachers of the year, please visit the BCSD website.

Katie Orvin Tanner