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Get highlights and information from the March 27, 2018 Board of Education meeting

E-UPDATE FOR March 27, 2018

This edition of In the Loop, published and distributed by the Department of Communications and Community Engagement, provides a highlighted summary of actions taken by the Berkeley County Board of Education at its regular meeting held on Tuesday, March 27, 2018. Complete board meetings are recorded and archived on the BCSD YouTube channel. Photographs from the board meetings are available for viewing and download HERE.

Click HERE to view Board Docs. After selecting the meeting date, you can view the agenda for the meeting, the items for information, and items for action. Board Docs is updated in real-time during the regular meetings.


South Carolina Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman thanked board members for their willingness to serve in one of the hardest, but most impactful and personal areas of public service. She shared that during her time in office, BCSD has produced wonderful students and great future citizens. She recognized state Teacher of the Year Finalist Nicholas Snyder and thanked BCSD leaders for their work in career and technical education, as well as preparing students for college. To conclude her remarks, she recognized the tremendous challenge BCSD has faced financially. Ms. Spearman commended the administration, the board and counsel on the corrective actions they have taken, and will continue to take, to ensure the financial stability of the district. She shared that the state has full confidence that the situation is being managed very, very well. Ms. Spearman also stayed to take part in recognizing the wonderful students and staff present at the board meeting.

Julieta Porras - 1st Place - Southeastern Wildlife Exposition 2018 Kids for Conservation Poster Contest VIEW STUDENT SPOTLIGHT

Shelbie Hughes - 1st Place - 3rd Annual Intergenerational Forum VIEW ARTICLE

Goose Creek High School Binary Botz Robotics Team - 2nd Place - State Championship MORE INFO 

  • Will represent Lowcountry in VEX Robotics World Championship in Kentucky in April


B.O.L.T. LEGO Team - East State Championship- Champions Award- 3rd Place, Robotics VIEW ARTICLE

  • Will compete in the LEGOLAND Open Invitational in California this May

2018 North-South All-Star Wrestlers and Coach

  • Cooper Youngblood - Timberland High School
  • Jacob D'Ambrosio - Cane Bay High School
  • Hayden Prince - Stratford High School
  • Danny Faulk - Goose Creek High School
  • Loye Burkehead - Cane Bay High School
  • Tim Wash-South Team Coach - Cane Bay High School




Mar 27, 2018 - Berkeley County Board of Education Meeting - Budget Workshop



Superintendent Dr. Eddie Ingram commented on a variety of topics concerning Berkeley County Schools and its students, faculty, staff and the communities served by the system. These remarks included:

  • SkillsUSA Competition – All of our CTE organizations have 1st place winners qualified to compete at the national level in Skills USA. Students compete in events that are based on skills they learn in their classrooms. We will recognize national winners at a later board meeting. For the first time BCSD has state officers in Skills USA.  Those students are Ashantia Thompson and Erica Placker from Cross High School. Congratulations to those students and Mr. David Sweat for doing such a great job!
  • Cross Community - Also at Cross High, our community conversation had 106 citizens in attendance. It was a very productive conversation, and Dr. Ingram appreciated the input.
  • Regional Business Education Cabinet- Tana Lee, Director of Career and Technical Education, and Patricia Weeg, Director of Student Services, and Dr. Ingram were in attendance. Dr. Ingram and Charleston County Schools Superintendent discussed the need for a standards based, regional report card.
  • Marrington Middle Dance Concert- and Mrs. Ingram attended the Marrington Middle dance concert. He learned about the traffic challenges, but he was able to catch a few of the last numbers.
  • Cabinet Member Thank You- Dr. Ingram thanked his Cabinet members for covering Cane Bay Creates, the All-County Elementary Chorus, and the Dad’s Club Banquet at J. K. Gourdin last Saturday while he was out of town.
  • Philip Simmons/Nucor Ribbon-Cutting- On Monday, Dr. Ingram was honored to attend the ribbon-cutting and signing event recognizing our new Mechatronics Academy partnership with Nucor at Philip Simmons High. He thanked board members Frank Wright and Vice Chair Mac McQuillin for attending. Also, Congressman Mark Sanford and members of our local delegation were in attendance. MORE INFO
  • Howe Hall AIMS Visit- Dr. Ingram shared that he had the opportunity to meet with six students and visited some classrooms at Howe Hall AIMS. It was a delightful visit, the kids were very precocious and willing to share advice with Dr. Ingram.
  • Hanahan High and Westview Primary 3rd Quarter Visits- Wednesday, Dr. Ingram will be conducting 3rd quarter visits at Hanahan High and Westview Primary. He will be talking with students at both schools and visiting some classrooms.
  • Cabinet Retreat- On Thursday, we are having a Cabinet Retreat with Dr. Andy Overstreet and Dr. Henry Johnson. In the afternoon, they will be working with the BCSD Design Team. We are looking forward to them resuming work with the Board soon.
  • Sangaree Elementary and Sangaree Intermediate 3rd Quarter Visits- On Friday, Dr. Ingram will be visiting Sangaree Elementary and Sangaree Intermediate for 3rd quarter evaluation visits. He will be meeting with students at each school and visiting classrooms.
  • Parent Engagement Conference- The inaugural BCSD Parent Engagement Summit will be held on Saturday, April 21, from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m. at Goose Creek High School.
  • Local and Regional Business Cabinet- We are planning the formation of a local business cabinet in addition to a regional business cabinet. The details are not yet finalized, but we do have plans to make an announcement regarding the formation of these cabinets in April.
  • Spring Break Next Week- BCSD will be on spring break next week. Schools will be closed all week, and offices are closed through Wednesday.  There will be limited staff working Thursday and Friday of next week as most staff will be taking a much-deserved break.
  • Teacher Forum Representatives- To conclude his remarks, Dr. Ingram recognized the member of Teacher Forum in attendance: Breyona Canty, Cross Elementary, and Courtenaye Johnson, Sedgefield Middle.


Board Chair Sally Wofford commented on a variety of topics concerning Berkeley County Schools and its students, faculty, staff, and the communities served by the system. Her remarks included:

  • Budget- Chair Wofford reminded Board members that budget time is upon them. Following the conclusion of the meeting, the board will move into one of several budget workshops. Moving forward, they will be planning additional budget workshops following the conclusion of shorter Board meetings.
  • Head Start Workshop- Chair Wofford reminded the board that there is a Head Start Workshop on April 10 at 7 p.m.
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