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Top students, schools earn academic honors at Quest

Published Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Westview Middle QUEST winners

Students from Westview Middle School in Goose Creek, pictured above, claimed second place overall in the 2018 Quest competition for grades 7 and 8. (BCSD photo)

For more than 1,000 middle and high school students from Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester, months of preparation came to an end at Trident Technical College’s main campus for the 32nd Quest Academic Competition.

Students gathered in classrooms at the college earlier this month, where they faced off in categories ranging from math to public speaking.

Quest is divided into four divisions: Level I, 6th grade; Level II, 7th and 8th grades; Level III, 9th and 10th grades; and Level IV, 11th and 12th grades. Students can earn points in team competitions for math, science and social studies; and in individual competitions for composition, public speaking and visual arts.

Other students participated in categories that don’t contribute to the overall point total, such as computer programming, culinary, welding, French and Spanish.


Level I (Grade 6)

3rd Place Maxwell Degn - Macedonia Middle

2nd Place Caleb Carrick, Alex Lopez, Alex Seabrook - Berkeley Middle
3rd Place Ray Kar, Zachary Pinto, Lauren Davenport - Marrington Middle School of the Arts

Social Studies
2nd Place Darius Dash, Ashton Kellery, Aaron D’Annunzio - College Park Middle

Visual Arts
2nd Place Anniston Chance - Macedonia Middle

Level II (Grades 7 and 8)

2nd Place Andrew Allen, Cooper Whatley, Doug Sattler - Marrington Middle School of the Arts
3rd Place Halley McGee, Samone Middleton, Mira Degn - Macedonia Middle

Social Studies
1st Place Daniel Kuykendall, Taylor Rountree, Jarren Vega - Westview Middle

Level II Overall Winner
2nd Place Westview Middle

Level III (Grades 9 and 10)

2nd Place Logan Dunn - Hanahan High

Public Speaking
1st Place Zeke McDavid - Hanahan High

2nd Place Marissa Moore, Dylan Brower, Calvin Paulson - Cane Bay High
3rd Place Nick Barron, Felicity Jones, Mia Honeyman - Stratford High

Social Studies
1st Place Josh Cox, Jenny Le, Andres Cardenas - Hanahan High

Visual Arts
2nd Place Lindsay Phan - Hanahan High
3rd Place Johanna Javier-Alfaro - Stratford High

Level III Overall Winner
3rd Place Hanahan High

Level IV (Grades 11 and 12)

Public Speaking
1st Place Madison Catlin - Hanahan High
2nd Place Kathleen Willard - Cane Bay High

3rd Place Joshua Nelson, James Grant, Shane Blade, Richard McCarty, Puja Patel, Charlie Linder - Hanahan High

Social Studies
2nd Place Jack Taylor, Daniel Brown - Stratford High

Visual Arts
1st Place Fatema Mohnammed Hanahan High

Special Competitions (9 - 12)

1st Place Matthew Sams Stratford High

Computer Aided Design
2nd Place Jayden Follett Stratford High
3rd lace Ricahrd Karcher Stratford High

Computer Programming
2nd Place Quing Yu Lin, Joshua Smith, Adeem Mawani Stratford High

1st Place Amanda Martinez, Madison Raines, Noemi Velasco Stratford High

Engineering Design and Construction
3rd Place Spring Fang, Sercey Rogers, Lindsay Swindal Hanahan High

Spanish II
1st Place Jessica Randon Philip Simmons High

1st Place Mekhya Horry, Mirandad Hinderliter, Kendall Vorhis - Goose Creek High
2nd Place Kayla Stone, Doug Shumate, Shalyn Beasley, Jason Roberts - Hanahan High
3rd Place Joseph Evans, Jackson Quinif - Stratford High

2nd Place William Lowder - Goose Creek High