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Student Spotlight: Carlio Jenkins is dedicated to better behavior, grades

Published Monday, March 26, 2018

Carlio Jenkins has an infectious smile.  When he grins, his entire demeanor changes, and it’s difficult to believe the 6th-grader at Philip Simmons Middle School could ever do any wrong.

Underneath the smile is a proud child. He’s a young man that knows he has reason to be happy and is working hard to keep himself in a happy place. He’s making good grades, staying out of trouble and sharing positive messages with those who will listen.

It’s hard to believe Carlio has ever been anything other than a cheerful child, but the Carlio Jenkins you meet at Philip Simmons Middle today is one who says he’s made changes. Carlio hopes to one day become an engineer.

“You can’t be an engineer if you don’t act right,” he said.

Carlio’s behavior was once a problem. His grades were an issue, and he says he was “always getting referrals.” He admits he thought by acting out, he would get what he wanted.

What Carlio has since learned is that by behaving appropriately, he can achieve so much more.

“I used to think acting out would get me more friends and make me more popular, but it didn’t,” Carlio said.

Since changing his behavior, he said he’s made more friends, his grades are better and he’s happier. He’s thankful for the help from PSM administrators and teachers who supported him and reinforced messages he was hearing at home from his father.

“My dad always told me, if I want a good job, I have to make good grades so I can go to college,” Carlio said.

College is definitely a goal for the 6th-grader now dedicated to actions with more positive outcomes, and he smiles as he thinks about challenges he will encounter along the way.

“What I need to do more, is my reading. You have to read to do everything,” he said.  

Brian Troutman