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Cane Bay HS students nominate teacher for national award

Published Monday, March 12, 2018

Eddie Hall’s third period drama class at Cane Bay High School is a work of art in itself. Students can be seen bouncing in their chairs and hoping to answer questions, lessons are energetic and smiles are visible in every direction.

If he didn’t know it already, Mr. Hall is now aware that his highly-engaged class believes he is an excellent teacher — one of the best educators several of them say they’ve ever learned from.

A student’s idea to recognize the teacher they say provides sanctuary from the everyday challenges of high school, encourages all and makes learning fun, grew into a nomination for an award to be announced on national television.

Mr. Hall could end up attending the Tony Awards in June, and his students believe he has a solid shot of winning the Excellence in Theatre Education Award presented by Carnegie Mellon University.

Mr. Eddie Hall and his class

Pictured above are Mr. Eddie Hall and his third period drama class at Cane Bay High School. (BCSD Photo)

“You expect to hear ‘thank you’ at Christmas or get a Christmas present, or you expect a parent to give you a hug at graduation,” Mr. Hall said. “What you don’t expect is your current, active students to be submitting your name for a national award and going out of the way to secure letters and make a video and write to people. I think the dominant emotion is shock.” 

Behind the camera was Cane Bay 11th-grader Jesse Stratford. He says when he was approached by a classmate with the idea, it seemed like a no-brainer. Stratford said while the whole class wasn’t involved in the video, they were all aware and supportive of the work to hopefully gain national recognition for their teacher.

One of those students was 10th-grader Maria Myers. 

“I wasn’t part of the video part, but I was part of encouraging them to do it,” Maria said. “…Mr. Hall’s just such a great teacher. He deserves it.”

Mr. Hall will learn more about his chances of winning the award in upcoming months. 

The Tony Awards will be broadcast by CBS on Sunday, June 10 at 8 p.m.

Brian Troutman