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Student Spotlight: Cainhoy 4th-grader wants to share happiness found in bass guitar

Published Monday, February 26, 2018

Cameron Moore has only been playing bass guitar for about eight months. In those eight months the 10-year-old Cainhoy Elementary School student’s learned to play several songs and finds comfort in his new-found gift.

But perhaps more impressive than his aggressive absorption of the ins and outs of the rhythm instrument is his ability to apply what he hears in a sound to other string instruments — those he’s never touched. WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE

Cameron is as happy as any 4th-grader, but he’s most happy when listening to old school rap, playing music and thinking about those who’ve encouraged him to pursue his dreams of sharing his gift with any who will take the time to listen and learn. He’s not shy about his desire to become a music teacher. He’s not ashamed of his thankfulness for the teachers and family members pushing him every day.

“If I didn’t have the helpful teachers we got, I really wouldn’t be here right now,” Cameron said.

Music keeps Cameron calm, keeps him busy and has given him goals. The video above is MUST WATCH.



Brian Troutman