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BCSD CTE programs are getting students career, college prepared

Published Wednesday, February 21, 2018

If you are a student or parent at BCSD, you should consider the benefits of our Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs.

Tomorrow's jobs will require more knowledge, better skills, and more flexible workers than ever before. Those workers must be prepared to change jobs and careers several times while updating their knowledge and skills, because technological advances and global competition have transformed the nature of work. 

Our CTE programs are filling workforce needs, and students in those programs are graduating career-ready.  Students continuing their education after high school are also seeing the benefits as they continue to study in a field in which they’ve already gathered valuable knowledge and experience.

February is CTE Month, and we hope you will help us spread the word and promote our variety of programs.

For more information on BCSD CTE programs, CLICK HERE.

Brian Troutman