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Life-saving information shared at BCSD active shooter, gunfire training

Published Friday, February 16, 2018

It was emotional. It was loud. It provided life-saving information, and it was timely.

Berkeley County School District, along with the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office and Goose Creek Police Department, offered a training for teachers and administrators Friday related to active shooter situations. The training was centered around a gunfire demonstration intended to better educate teachers on the various sounds of gunfire.

Training sessions were held throughout the day at Cane Bay Elementary School with hundreds of teachers and administrators attending. Images from this week's tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida were still fresh on the minds of those in attendance. Though timely, the Florida shooting did not prompt this training. It was months in the making, following a similar training offered to BCSD employees by the FBI two years ago.

Guns used in the training and demonstration are the weapons statistics show to be more frequently used in active shooter situations. Law enforcement officers fired guns from three locations in the school as educators stood in a crowded classroom and listened. After two shots from each gun, there was a debrief during which critical information was shared.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway for most in attendance was learning to distinguish between gunfire and a locker being slammed or a book dropped in the hallway.

The training is one of several proactive offerings of BCSD, where safety and security is the top priority. 


Brian Troutman