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Student Spotlight: Talented young musician Ella Cameron dreams of being a teacher

When we sat down with Ella Cameron, she was visibly nervous. 

She tightly clenched her hands in her lap as she sat and waited for audio levels to be checked on the camera. Her eyes were watery, and she later admitted her eyes water when she’s anxious.

Ella knew she was being interviewed, but she was unaware of the reason. Given her personality, that’s a good thing. 

A 5th-grader at Howe Hall AIMS, Ella is a budding young musician. She plays several instruments, sings and recently landed the lead in the school’s performance of Oklahoma!. Getting Ella to speak about herself can be tough, and that may be among her greatest character traits.

“Ella is a sweet, polite, and humble young lady.  Even though she is one of the most academically and musically talented students we have, although you would never know it from the way she carries herself,” Howe Hall AIMS principal Christoper Swetchkie said. “I have never heard Ella boast or brag. She cheerfully goes about her daily business and then blows us all away when she takes the stage.” 

When it comes to music, Ella says she is inspired by Taylor Swift, who moved to Nashville to pursue the dream of being an entertainer at the age of 14. Though Swift’s story of success is evidence to Ella that she can grow up to be anything — the modest student ambassador at Howe Hall AIMS does not have a dream of being in the limelight. 

Ella enjoys the company of other students. She finds pleasure in helping younger and new students on campus, and she says she wants to become a teacher when she “grows up.”

“She is always willing to help another student and her positive demeanor is contagious to the students and all who come in contact with her throughout the day,” Swetchkie said.

Her desire to be a teacher comes from help she’s received from teachers at Howe Hall, specifically her kindergarten teacher, Ms. Bailey.

“When I came here, first it was a little bit scary. But the teachers helped me,” Ella said. 

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