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BCSD Student Spotlight: Riley Klim believes he can change the world

Riley Klim
Riley Klim (BCSD)

There aren’t many kids as busy as Sangaree Middle School's Riley Klim. Teachers and administrators agree there also aren’t enough students with Riley’s mindset.
Riley is known for staying positive and working hard to help others. He’s also not modest about his belief that with the right attitude, he can change the world.
The 8th-grader admits keeping that mindset hasn’t been easy. Riley has a kidney disease. 
“I go through a lot, but I think I am supposed to go through this for a reason, and that is to help other people,” he said.
When he’s not in class, Riley can sometimes be heard on local radio stations, helping to raise money for the MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital. If his face looks familiar, it’s probably because his photo was used in fundraising flyers and other materials posted at local events and inside retail stores.
If that’s not why you recognize him, maybe his face is familiar because it’s the first one that can be seen in the office of Sangaree Middle School on many mornings. Riley believes it’s important for every visitor to the school receive a proper greeting.
“I think it’s cool to kinda see everybody and say ‘hi’ to everybody,” he said. “And, I love helping the office people up here. Because, in the morning, they don’t have a whole lot of people helping, and that’s when it gets at their busiest times.”
“Some people kinda giggle a little when they come up to the desk and I’m sitting there.”
Riley is also a tech ambassador at the school, and he’s working on the team creating the yearbook.
“I’m pretty busy,” he said when asked about free time.
BCSD chose to spotlight Riley after being contacted by his principal, Margaret Day, who said she will miss his presence in the office, hallways and classrooms of Sangaree Middle School.
She joked that she’s looked into ways to keep him there forever.
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For more information on MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital or to make a donation, click here.