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Brittne Guerry: Teachers make the invisible become visible

Published on Thursday, March 25, 2021

brittne guerry

Brittne Guerry once took three years off from teaching within schools to focus on ministry-related callings locally and overseas.

Guerry used basketball as a tool to teach camps for elementary students overseas, and it helped form relationships at a school within a community she served. She partnered with a middle school while working within the ministry, and she spent more time with students on the basketball court, outside the classroom and at lunch.

Being able to form relationships with students on the court helped Guerry gain their trust. She went on to become very involved in a specific area within the community that had an underserved population. Their needs, she said, went far beyond what her ministry could focus on. Playing basketball and soccer on their grounds led to Guerry becoming a constant source of encouragement to children, inside and outside school.

Guerry learned from their community and their environment, and was able to form relationships with counselors and administrators who were able to use her as an extra support for these students.

She realized the best way to combine her passion of ministry and philanthropy was to return to teaching full time, noting that the constant in so many children’s lives are teachers.

She is a physical education teacher at Nexton Elementary, where she has taught for two years – though she has taught a total of 10 years. She is her school’s Teacher of the Year, and one of eight semifinalists for Berkeley County School District’s Teacher of the Year.

“Teachers make the invisible become visible,” Guerry wrote in her Teacher of the Year application. “I want to be the constant for the underdog, for the afterthought, for the student who doesn’t feel chosen.”

Guerry has served on a number of professional and community affiliations, including the Palmetto State Teachers Association, the PBIS committee and Jr. Robotics. She is a member of Freedom Church and a supporter of the Special Olympics and Miracle League. She has led three mission trips to foreign countries with students from the community ages 8 to 18 – something she has considered to be one of her greatest leadership activities and passions.

The district Teacher of the Year is expected to be announced in May.