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Student Spotlight: Brandon Evans at Berkeley Middle College is baking a successful future

Published Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Brandon Evans doesn't dream of being anyone else. He says he knows who he is and what he will be in the future. He encourages others to focus on what they value in life, what they want to become in the future and refrain from being discouraged by negativity.

He also places a high value on respect and kindness.

"Being kind to people and being different, setting myself apart from others but also being accepting -- that's why I am here today," Brandon said in his Student Spotlight interview. "...It got recognition..."

Brandon is currently making the most of opportunities as a junior at Berkeley Middle College with a goal of eventually opening a bakery. His passion for cooking and baking comes from the influence of his grandmother.

"I'm going for the career I want, and that's where I am wanting to see myself in the future," Brandon said. 

As a junior at Berkeley Middle College, Brandon has the opportunity to take classes offered by Trident Technical College, related to his career path, while still in high school.

The interview with Brandon Evans above is one of several in the Student Spotlight series. All of the interviews can be viewed at


Brian Troutman