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Cane Bay High's Zoe Black is making the most of opportunities

Published Friday, March 8, 2019

Zoe Black

Above is Zoe Black with her piece "Carolina Wren" which was chosen as the cover for this year's Home Telecom phone book. The piece was also one one three that won silver keys in the annual Scholastic Art and Writing Awards contest. (BCSD photo)

This year students across America submitted 350,000 pieces for the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. 

With only 29 categories covering all of art and writing and a handful of awards for each grade level, receiving a gold or silver key in the competition is an accomplishment to be cherished. Winning multiple keys is something rare and to be admired. 

Cane Bay High (CBH) senior Zoe Black recently won three silver keys in the competition. 

As Zoe reflects on the accomplishment, she finds more joy in the support from family members, friends and teachers that put her on a path to success. After all, winning is not something new to Zoe this year. 

With work earning a ribbon at the Coastal Carolina Fair and a design chosen as the cover of the Home Telecom phone book, Zoe is making the most of opportunities. Those aware of her work say while she is humble, her level of achievement is not surprising. 

“She’s truly gifted and among the top five that I’ve ever taught,” said CBH art teacher Shannon Hopkins. “She’s understated and very humble, so it might be easy to miss her. She’s not the stereotypical art kid.” 

Hopkins has been teaching art for about 18 years, and describes Zoe as an “expert with water color” and a “sophisticated artist.” She said Zoe’s art has “personality” and “class.” 

In an Advanced Placement (AP) drawing class this year, Zoe navigates the room with encouraging critiques for peers while fine-tuning her own craft. She values the time she has to help others, and Hopkins said that character trait is one of many that has earned the respect of peers and teachers alike. 

“Immersing myself in art classes has allowed me to open up to many wonderful peers and teachers while also presenting me with many opportunities,” Zoe said. “With their help I’ve learned to be more confident and branch out of my comfort zone, while still retaining my own voice in my art, which I value as most important. I would not be where I am without their continued support, and it’s inspired me to always support others in their adventures as well.” 

After high school, Zoe plans to attend Savannah College of Art and Design. Her goal is to turn what’s currently her passion into a career built on illustration or interactive design. 

It’s a goal Hopkins believes will be easily achieved. 

“She’s a really nice person, very hardworking and driven. I’ve never seen her slack off in class. She takes initiative,” Hopkins said.

Brian Troutman