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Teachers are Heroes: Emily Evans has an 'amazing' impact at Cane Bay Elementary

Published Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Emily Evans

The photo above shows Mrs. Emily Evans while being recognized as a Teacher of the Year at the March 13, 2018 board meeting. (BCSD Photo)

Like many teachers, Cane Bay Elementary's Emily Evans became an educator because of the impact a teacher had on her life.

As a child, an interventionist teacher spent extra time with Mrs. Evans, helping her to develop a love for reading that she could pass on to other students.

The passion instilled in Mrs. Evans when she was in elementary school is still with her. It fuels her everyday work in the classroom, and it's something she hopes to spread to each of her students. It's one of several reasons she was recognized as the school's Teacher of the Year for 2018.

"Students come from different backgrounds and do not all get the love, encouragement, and push they need outside of the school walls," she said. "To just give one student hope and joy in their heart makes my job worth it."

That approach is what Principal Melissa LaBerge said makes Evans one of the most memorable teachers to students.

"Mrs. Evans will be the teacher students remember," Mrs. LaBerge said. "Her love for this profession and what it means and the way she encourages others is contagious."

LaBerge said Mrs. Evans is always smiling. She believes Evans was "born to teach."

Among Mrs. Evans' proudest moments are when she's had students visit her years after leaving her class. The finds satisfaction in knowing those students believed they were part of something special.

"I've had students buy me books from the book fair. I have had students tell me they voted me as their 'favorite teacher.' I have had students come back to visit me as 'cool middle schoolers.' To know that students do not forget me helps me to know I made an impact on their heart," she said.

The invaluable impact Mrs. Evans has on the campus of Cane Bay Elementary is not limited to the students. Her principal describes her positive attitude, strength and support of colleagues as "amazing."

"Teaching is a stressful profession, and she works hard to advocate for students and teachers," LaBerge said.

The relationships Evans has built with coworkers through her positive demeanor and encouragement is something the 1st-grade teacher says she cherishes.

"Teaching is hard. Life is hard. We need support. I've learned that so much this year. My kids need encouragement because many of them are not confident in themselves. My colleagues need support with the amount of expectations put on us. Our families need support to get the workload done at home and make a functioning atmosphere. We all need encouragement," she said.

Mrs. Evans is a graduate of Judson University in Elgin, Illinois. In August she obtained a Master's in Teaching from the University of South Carolina.

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