Return to Headlines notifications 'very important' for parents of bus riders

Published Thursday, August 23, 2018

Is your child a bus rider? If so, do you know your child’s route? Do you know how to begin receiving notifications on issues related to Berkeley County School District bus transportation?

If you haven’t already done so, and the above questions apply to you, it’s time to sign up for notifications from

Through the service, important information for parents about bus routes is sent via text message.

Here’s how it works: if a bus is running late, that driver radios the bus office and someone there sends out a message via the service.

It’s something BCSD Director of Transportation Wes Fleming describes as “very important.”

“It’s really our only tool for letting parents know when a bus is delayed,” Fleming said. “We don’t have a way of effectively sending out robocalls and things like that (during transportation times). It’s a very useful system for us and what we do.”

At the beginning of each year, Fleming’s office gets several calls from parents and community members about late bus notifications. He said as hard as his team, principals, teachers and others in the district work to communicate the value of the service, there are still always some that are unaware or hesitant to sign up.

“It’s a good system,” Fleming said. “It’s a system that teachers have used for years, and we adopted it.”

According to the website, more than 90 percent of U.S. school districts use the platform for communicating with parents.

Fleming said if there’s one thing he wishes all parents of BCSD bus riders understood – it’s the importance of the signing up for alerts.

“We would love for everybody to sign up for it. If everybody had it, then we would be able to spread those important messages easier,” he said.

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