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Student Spotlight: Destiny Brown had a 'tremendous' impact on Sedgefield Middle School

Published Tuesday, June 12, 2016

Destiny Brown will walk the halls of Goose Creek High School next year for the first year, but she won’t be the typical freshman.

As a student at Sedgefield Middle School, Destiny did all in her power to get ahead – taking high school and college prep classes every chance she could. She plans to continue getting ahead with a class or two over the summer.

Destiny’s working hard because she’s committed to her future. She takes one day at a time, and she does her best on each new day to stay focused on her goals. Destiny leaves SMS as the top-performing student academically with a pristine permanent record and a perfect grade point average.

The advice she has for other students is to seize opportunities as they arise. She’s done so, and teachers and administrators at Sedgefield say her motivation is what sets her apart from other students. She’s driven by her faith and life lessons from her grandmother.

Sedgefield Middle School Counseling Director Romana Limehouse said Destiny walked into middle school already aware of what she wanted to accomplish and how she would get there. She describes Destiny as unlike any other student she’s ever encountered.

“As a 6th-grader, Destiny had post-secondary goals and knowledge of what is needed to attain those goals. Having several years of experience  working in middle school, I have never encountered a student so focused and willing to do whatever it takes to be the best. Destiny has such a beautiful spirit and is always willing to help out other students academically and socially.  Destiny is extremely smart, even in her spare time she is always doing something to enhance her learning.”

Destiny plans to graduate high school early, enter college early and graduate from medical school early. She dreams of being a doctor, possibly a pediatrician. You won’t hear her brag about having the highest GPA, but she will tell you how hard she worked to get there. 

She hopes others will realize the importance of taking school seriously. 

“It’s going to help throughout life,” Destiny said. “You’re going to need an education. You’re going to have to be accountable.” 

Mrs. Limehouse said students at the school have noticed what Destiny has accomplished and they’re definitely taking notes and her advice.

“Destiny has impacted the students at Sedgefield Middle School tremendously,” she said. “Destiny and the leadership qualities that she possesses motivate a lot of students to want to be like her.”

Brian Troutman