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VIDEO: Kids get pumped for SC READY testing

Published Thursday, May 10, 2018

Preparing for a test like an SC READY assessment is a process. Preparation doesn’t just begin months ahead of the testing window. Educators will tell you it’s an ongoing process from the moment children walk through the door in kindergarten.

The statewide test includes assessments in English language arts (ELA) and math. It’s used to measure the performance of students grades 3-8.

There’s no doubt testing sessions can be stressful, especially for the younger students. That’s why H.E. Bonner Elementary Assistant Principal Ashley Osterkamp decided something needed to be done to establish a more stress-free atmosphere in her school.

Before testing days this week, students were cheered on through the public announcement (PA) system by peers in younger grades. H.E. Bonner Principal Melissa Willis said it’s something students will continue next week for SC READY math testing.

“I think it just creates an energy in the school,” Mrs. Willis said. “It gets everybody pumped and creates kind of a can-do attitude.”

For Mrs. Willis and Mrs. Osterkamp, it’s about sticking to the growth mindset and continuing to create a positive experience for all students. Mrs. Willis said having fun with testing for those still too young for the assessments is a good way to minimize stress in the future.

“Anything to create or support a positive school culture. Testing involves everybody. The testing schedule effects the whole school,” she said.

H.E. Bonner Elementary isn’t alone next week. All elementary schools in Berkeley County School District resume the SC READY test with math assessments on Tuesday.

Brian Troutman