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Jobs related to Bowen's Corner Elementary expected to have minimal traffic interference

Published Wednesday, May 9, 2018

As work in preparation for the opening of Bowen's Corner Elementary in Hanahan continues, roadwork that could impact traffic is expected for the next several weeks.

There are several jobs related to the Williams Lane Project that require night work or detours. The timing of those jobs and the project is on schedule, but that schedule could be impacted by inclement weather or other unforeseen situations. 

A detour rendering no traffic from Foster Creek to Song Sparrow began last week and is expected to last through May 23. Night roadwork is scheduled for the following dates: May 19-20, May 31-June 2, June 5-June 14, and June 15-June 28. 

All night work is scheduled due to high volumes of traffic on Foster Creek during daylight hours. It’s expected night work will have minimal traffic interference. 

As road/infrastructure work continues, Bowen’s Corner Elementary is slated to open in July. A ribbon-cutting for the new school will be held on August 4.