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BHS Special Olympics basketball team's exciting send-off to district competition from peers

Published April 27, 2018

Berkeley High School took “Feel Good Friday” to a “whole nother level.” Stag students, staff, band and flag team members lined the front lobby and lawn of the school to send their Special Olympics basketball team off to Timberland High to compete against other district high schools. This annual spring event is one of the most exciting of the season for all schools and students.

Berkeley High School Principal Steven Steele said, “This is the Stag way. All of our athletes are champions, and it is our goal to ensure that our students know that they have an entire school behind them anytime they go off to compete. Today was a great day to be a Stag, and I hope that every single student here knows that they are loved and supported.”

Steele said today’s send-off was a result of planning and collaboration between Special Services teacher Brian Welch, Head Football Coach Randy Robinson, Assistant Principal for Athletics Charlie Harrison, and Varsity Softball Coach Kelley Dillon.

Katie Orvin Tanner