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Hanahan Middle gamers dominating DimensionU competition

Published Thursday, April 26, 2018

HMS DimensionU Team

HMS DimensionU team (BCSD photo)

It’s a little bit PacMan, at little bit Call of Duty, a little bit Tetris and a whole lot different from the educational video games of the 90s.

Provided to Berkeley County School District by SPAWAR, DimensionU’s games were developed to place students in multiplayer scenarios where they can improve upon core skills in mathematics and literacy.

Like all video games, scores are recorded. Those high score screens, representing gamers from more than 1,000 schools all over the country, have a strong showing from a group of students in Hanahan.

The DimensionU team from Hanahan Middle School recently won the Department of Defense Math Games after first winning a Lowcountry area DimensionU competition. The team has since found itself ranked eighth in the country in one game and second in the country in the other.

As individuals, the team members also account for six of the top 10 scores on two different games. Players from HMS rank 1-3 on one particular game named Velocity.

DimensionU CEO Steven Hoy describes the games as first-person, multiplayer and puzzle-oriented. He said Hanahan’s team has been impressive as it’s competed against teams from coast to coast. He said it’s also been a team of firsts.

On April 19, four girls representing the team competed in the DOD math competition at SPAWAR, utilizing DimensionU games. The girls competed in a live, virtual setting, with students from elsewhere in the country. They battled for hours and claimed the top prize.

“It’s the first time in the DOD tournament that we had and all girls team, and they won,” Hoy said.

Hanahan Middle School Principal Robin Rogers said the team is made of very bright and dedicated math students.

“They practiced before and after school daily,” he said. “The team and Mrs. Haynes (advisor) are very dedicated, and it paid off with another DimensionU win.

Members of the group of dominant girl gamers are Trinity McDavid, Brianna Bussell, Evie Inman and Michelle Clark. Mrs. Analyn Haynes is the team’s coach/DimensionU sponsor.

 “The HMS DimensionU team is a very dedicated group of 6th grade mathematicians,” Mrs. Haynes said. “…I am so glad to have been a part of such a great team.”

Brian Troutman