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Get highlights and information from the April 24, 2018 Board of Education meeting

E-UPDATE FOR April 24, 2018

This edition of In the Loop, published and distributed by the Department of Communications and Community Engagement, provides a highlighted summary of actions taken by the Berkeley County Board of Education at its regular meeting held on Tuesday, April 24, 2018. Complete board meetings are recorded and archived on the BCSD YouTube channel. Photographs from the board meetings are available for viewing and download HERE.

Click HERE to view Board Docs. After selecting the meeting date, you can view the agenda for the meeting, the items for information, and items for action. Board Docs is updated in real-time during the regular meetings. 


Home Telecom Directory Art Challenge Winners

  • Fatima Maya- Cane Bay High School- 1st place and cover design
  • Ella Carrick- Berkeley Elementary School- 2nd Place
  • Jackson Stevens- Goose Creek Primary- 2nd Place
  • Ella Floyd- Philip Simmons Middle- 3rd Place

National Geographic Bee Winners

  • Andrew Prince- Westview Middle- 3rd Place
  • Jack Rose-Daniel Island School-7th Place
  • Brandon Sinclair-Cane Bay Middle School-8th Place

HOSA International Leadership State Conference Level Winners

  • Megan Cross and Kylie Weir – First Place – Medical Innovation
  • Jemiah Williams – Third Place – Epidemiology
  • Celeste Class-Rodriguez – First Place – CPR
  • Kyleigh Gregg – Third Place – CPR

Jerome Stewart- Timberland High School- Carolina Classic All Star Coach 

Sedgefield Intermediate School - Lighthouse School

Library Appreciation Month




Apr 24, 2018 - Berkeley County Board of Education Meeting - Budget Workshop



Superintendent Dr. Eddie Ingram commented on a variety of topics concerning Berkeley County Schools and its students, faculty, staff and the communities served by the system. These remarks included:

  • Parent Engagement Conference- Ingram shared that this past Saturday, he briefly attended the Parent Engagement Conference at Goose Creek High. It was a good stepping-stone as we work to increase opportunities to engage with our community, and he looks forward to seeing how this event continues to grow.
  • Cane Bay Drama Company Presents: "Hairspray! the Broadway Musical!"- On Saturday evening, Dr. Ingram attended Cane Bay’s production of He congratulated the talented student drama team and expressed how much he enjoyed the event.
  • Speaking engagements with local churches- On Sunday, Dr. Ingram had the opportunity to speak at Moncks Corner A.M.E. and has plans to speak at North Charleston Baptist next month. He hopes to continue speaking at local churches to discuss continued community and school partnership opportunities.
  • Berkeley County Council- On Monday evening, Dr. Ingram attended the County Council meeting, at which the Council agreed to write a check of $74,000 annually for 10 years. This is to substitute for loss revenue from the LaFrance Building coming off the tax rolls. As previously instructed, he confirmed that he has written the “no objection letter” to the Department of Commerce. He also discussed how BCSD and the County could partner to train our local workforce for the high paying jobs available in the area.
  • Regional Business Education Cabinet Meeting- On Tuesday morning, Dr. Ingram attended the Regional Business Education Cabinet Meeting at the Chamber Boardroom in Charleston. He shared that the tri-county superintendents are collaborating to develop a more robust accountability system. Dr. Ingram offered a quick synopsis of the accountability model tri-county districts are working together to complete.
  • Cross High Parent Information Night and “Meet and Greet”- The administration at Cross High School will host a Parent Information Night and “Meet and Greet” Wednesday evening. Dr. Ingram will be present to, formally, introduce Interim Principal Alicia Pressley to the Cross High community.
  • 4th Quarter School Visits- Ingram will continue his 4th quarter school visits this week at Boulder Bluff, the Philip Simmons Schools, Cainhoy Elementary, and Daniel Island School.
  • 2018 BCSD Teacher of the Year Breakfast- On Friday, Dr. Ingram will be attending the Teacher of the Year Breakfast, sponsored by the Berkeley Chamber and Santee Cooper at Trident Technical College. The Breakfast will begin at 7:30 a.m. Dr. Ingram then recognized all three of our Teacher of the Year finalists present at the meeting: Daniel Island School’s Jason McDermott, Devon Forest Elementary’s Emily Reichbach and Goose Creek High’s Amanda Cooper. He wished all three finalists the very best of luck and shared that everyone is so thankful that they chose to teach in Berkeley County.
  • Rick Hendrick Automotive Group Charleston/North Charleston- Ingram also recognized Mr. Don Smith with Hendrick Automotive Group Charleston/North Charleston. The 2018 BCSD Teacher of the Year will receive use of a new vehicle, courtesy of Hendrick Automotive Group, over the next year as they serve as the district’s teacher of the year. BCSD sincerely appreciates this partnership with Hendrick Automotive and looks forward to working together each year to honor our Teacher of the Year.
  • Teacher Forum Representatives- Ingram thanked the Teacher Forum representatives in attendance at the meeting: Jamie West, College Park Middle; Brenda Archibald-Mackall, Sangaree Middle; Doretha Garland, Philip Simmons Elementary; and Sandra Ulery, Goose Creek Primary.
  • South Carolina (SC) State Teacher of the Year Announcement- To conclude his remarks, Dr. Ingram reminded the Board that on Wednesday, May 2, the SC State Teacher of the Year finalists will be recognized, including BCSD’s own Nicholas Snyder, and leaders will announce the 2018 SC State Teacher of the Year. Berkeley County will be “rooting” for Nick Snyder to be selected. Best of luck to Nick!

**The SC Teacher of the Year Ceremony will be streamed live by SCETV and SC Future Minds. The ceremony Gala will be shared in parts via Facebook Live on SC Future Minds Facebook page:

  • The video feed will begin between 7:00pm and 7:20pm on May 2nd with the District Teachers of the Year introductions and then resume the feed for the keynote and announcement of the SC State Teacher of the Year.
  • Please continue to refer to the Teacher Forum Website closer to May 2nd for updates.



Board Chair Sally Wofford commented on a variety of topics concerning Berkeley County Schools and its students, faculty, staff, and the communities served by the system. Her remarks included:

  • Teacher of the Year Breakfast- Chair Wofford echoed Dr. Ingram’s reminder about the BCSD 2018 Teacher of the Year Breakfast at Trident Technical College on Friday, April 27 beginning at 7:30 a.m. She encouraged Board members to make plans to attend, if possible, as the breakfast is one of the best BCSD events each year. Each school-level Teacher of the Year will be recognized at this event.
  • Board Retreat- Chair Wofford asked Board members to look at their calendars and determine when their schedules may allow them to commit to a 4-6 hour Board Retreat. She asked that they send in any Friday or Saturday dates they have available from now through July.
Katie Orvin Tanner