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Teachers, administrators take 'pie for Ty' during Timberland fundraiser for teacher

Published Friday, March 30, 2018

Faculty, staff and students at Timberland High School LOVE Mr. Ty Darby.

Mr. Darby has been battling cancer, and Friday a special event was held in his honor in the school’s auditorium.

Students collected cash donations for weeks and packed the auditorium from wall to wall as the news of hundreds of dollars in cash donations was shared with Mr. Darby and his family.

Smiles wet with tears were aplenty as administrators at the school and even BCSD Supertindent Dr. Eddie Ingram took a “Pie for Ty.” – That was the original deal. Names were drawn from hats and the faces of homework assignments and extra laps at practice were met with whipped topping pie. VIEW PHOTOS

Prior to the event, students raised a little over $700. Principal Kerry Daugherty sweetened the pot when he promised to shave his head if students and staff members rallied to raise more than the original amount during the event.

Mr. Darby watched via Google Hangout as buckets were passed down each aisle of the auditorium.

Minutes later Principal Daugherty found himself on the business end of clippers handled by the school’s SRO. More than $900 was collected in that auditorium.

Brian Troutman