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Goose Creek HS launches first Clean Laundry Initiative to battle attendance in South Carolina

Published Friday, March 23, 2018

Photo of Goose Creek High School's laundry room

This photo shows the laundry room at Goose Creek High School. (BCSD Photo)

Goose Creek High School is offering a service to students that many people likely take for granted.

Earlier this year, the school decided to launch a Clean Laundry Initiative – providing students unable to wash clothes at home an opportunity to do so at school.

In its third week, administrators and teachers are describing the project as a success, as it’s already begun to serve students in need and is likely to expand.

Currently the school has several washers and dryers dedicated solely to the Clean Laundry Initiative. The purchase of those appliances was made possible by generous members of the community.

The program is inspired by the Whirlpool Care Counts program and aims to address attendance issues for children unable to wash their clothes. Goose Creek High School is one of about 17 participating schools in the country and is the first in South Carolina.

Statistics provided by Whirlpool Care Counts show students involved in such programs go to school about 10 more days than they did without clean clothing. The same data provided by Whirlpool shows an 84 percent increase in classroom participation among those students.

The program expects to serve at least 15 students per semester. In addition to providing for those in need, it will aid in life skills development for students with special needs responsible for laundering clothing.

If you are looking to get behind this positive initiative at Goose Creek High School, the program is desperately in need of laundry detergent (any brand liquid free and clear) disposable sanitary gloves and dryer sheets. Those donated items can be dropped off at the school’s front office.

Brian Troutman