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BCA students win national writing awards

Published Thursday, March 15, 2018

BCA writing award winners

Pictured from left to right are Kendall Vorhis, Isabella Eraula and Kia Ravenell. (Provided)

Nine students of Berkeley Center for the Arts at Goose Creek High School recently qualified for awards from the National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Of those students, three received national awards and have been invited to a ceremony at Carnegie Hall in New York.

More than 330,000 students from all over the country enter the competition each year and fewer than 2,000 are recognized.

Kendall Vorhis of received two National Gold Key Awards for her poetry, is the winner of the New York Life Award (a $1,000 scholarship),  and is the recipient of the "Best In Grade" Award, which recognizes Kendall as having the best poem of any high school Junior in the country.   

Isabella Eraula received a National Gold Key Award for her short story, and one National Silver Key Award for her poetry.

Kai Ravenell also received a National Silver Key Award for poetry. 

This marks the 5th consecutive year a BCA creative writing student has earned national recognition as part of the competition, with 5 National Gold Keys, and 5 National Silver Keys in all. 

Other national award qualifiers include Delaney Coldren, Kormina McKoy, Madeline McDonough, Ellie Elrod, Ethney Dosenbauch and Julie Crosby.