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Proposed attendance zone changes in the Berkeley and Timberland feeder patterns: Maps and FAQs

Published, Friday, October 8, 2021
Updated, Monday, October 11, 2021

At the September 14, 2021 meeting of the Berkeley County Board of Education Finance and Capital Planning Committee, the Board received information concerning the projected BCSD Membership Forecast. Recommendations to adjust grade configuration and attendance lines were presented to address growth and maximize facility usage in the Berkeley High and Timberland High feeder patterns. 

If your child is zoned to attend school in the Berkeley High and Timberland feeder patterns, please review the draft maps of the changes to attendance lines and grade configurations here:

You can also enter your address here to review the draft changes that may impact your child(ren):

 These frequently asked questions will be regularly updated as new questions and topics are brought to our attention. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us at

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: These are draft recommendations that must be presented before the Board of Education for approval. The Board has not taken a vote on these draft recommendations at this time. The next meeting of the Board, during which this issue will be discussed, is scheduled for November 9, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. There is a scheduled Board meeting for October 26, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. but the grade configuration and attendance line proposal is not an agenda item for that meeting. 


Why are these changes being proposed?

Berkeley County is the second-fastest-growing county in South Carolina, new census data has shown. This has had a significant impact on our schools as the growth is centralized, currently, in certain pockets, which has resulted in overcrowding in some area schools. This proposal addresses facility utilization by optimizing space for efficient use of the buildings to reduce overcrowding in existing schools.

As the county will continue to see an increase in growth for many years to come, BCSD is committed to being a good steward of taxpayer funding and providing efficient transportation for our students and families. These changes will assist us by maximizing facility usage, before investing in new construction, and will better support the transportation routing system. 

How will these changes affect Berkeley Elementary and Berkeley Intermediate?

The current proposal for Berkeley Elementary and Berkeley Intermediate includes grade configuration changes and attendance lines changes affecting both schools. Berkeley Elementary currently serves students in grades pre-k through second. Berkeley Intermediate currently serves students in grades third through fifth, and houses the Head Start program. This proposal will modify grade configurations at both schools. If approved, Berkeley Elementary and Berkeley Intermediate will both serve students in grades pre-k through fifth grade. 

Attendance lines will also be impacted in the Moncks Corner area as these grade configuration changes will result in two pre-K - fifth grade schools, and all students living north of the Tailrace Canal are proposed to attend schools in the H.E. Bonner Elementary, Macedonia Middle and Timberland High feeder pattern.  Please review the maps carefully to see which school(s) your child(ren) will attend in August 2022. 

I am unfamiliar with H.E. Bonner Elementary, Macedonia Middle and Timberland High. What can you tell me about the schools and how can I learn more?

H.E. Bonner Elementary is a partial-magnet school for the arts. Similar to the Goose Creek area’s Howe Hall AIMS, H.E. Bonner Elementary provides students with an arts-enriched learning environment. Learn more about H. E. Bonner’s arts education journey here:

Macedonia Middle focuses their students’ educational journeys on creativity. This middle school boasts a positive school climate and culture, commitment to academic excellence, and innovative student learning activities, to include the District’s first virtual learning lab. Learn more about Macedonia Middle here:

Timberland High has received multi-year recognition by U.S. News and World Report as one of America’s Best High Schools. As the District’s only Early College High School, students can begin dual credit courses as early as 9th grade. Learn more about Timberland High here: 

We encourage families who will be joining these schools in August 2022, to reach out to the administrators to set up a time to tour the schools and learn more about them. 

My child(ren) previously attended Foxbank Elementary/Cane Bay Middle/Cane Bay High, and are now proposed to be zoned for Whitesville Elementary, Berkeley Middle and Berkeley High. What can you tell me about the schools and how can I learn more? 

Whitesville Elementary is committed to offering students hand-on, personalized learning opportunities. Home to the District’s only Montessori program, Whitesville teachers and staff aim to engage students in the learning process through exploration and innovation. Learn more about Whitesville Elementary here:

Berkeley Middle is the largest middle school in the county, with an award winning Unified Education program. In recent years, Berkeley Middle became a Jostens Renaissance School designed to inspire, motivate and renew a climate and culture of character. Learn more about Berkeley Middle School’s Unified program here:

Berkeley High School is the oldest school in the county, rich in history and tradition. Known for their academic and athletic success, Berkeley High also promotes a culture of inclusion for all students and is a strong supporter of the Special Olympics and Berkeley County Unified programs. Watch as students excitedly sent off their classmates to the District’s 2019 Special Olympics competition:

We encourage families who will be joining these schools in August 2022, to reach out to the administrators to set up a time to tour the schools and learn more about them.

Will these changes impact my child if they will be a senior in August 2022 on track to graduate with their class? 

The District has an established process to confirm and recognize students with senior status. Please contact the BCSD Office of Pupil Services at 843-899-8266 for more information. 

Will there be academic program exceptions, athletic exceptions or sibling exceptions?

The District will not provide any blanket exceptions to the changes, if approved by the Board. Families are welcome to file attendance appeals with the BCSD Office of Pupil Services.  Attendance appeals are determined considering evidence of family and/or student hardship factors.

If my child is already established in an academic or athletic program and/or the school my child is zoned for does not offer their academic or athletic program, would my child be considered for an attendance appeal?

There is a process to address concerns such as these through attendance appeals. Please contact the BCSD Office of Pupil Services  843-899-8266.

Will these attendance line changes positively impact transportation services?

We do anticipate that these changes will have a very positive impact on transportation. At this time, BCSD buses pass by schools with capacity to transport students to school over the Tailrace bridge and across town to Highway 6 (ex: Passing Bonner Elem and transporting to Berkeley Elem). BCSD is also transporting elementary age students in the same household to two different schools across town (ex: Berkeley Elementary second grader and Berkeley Intermediate third grader from the same home). Following natural boundary lines, adjusting grade configurations and maximizing school capacities will help improve the efficiency of the transportation system. 

What are the current utilization percentages of impacted schools? The forecast information below is based on current attendance zones and does not include the proposed changes. The proposed changes are targeted to relieve schools that are above, at or nearing capacity and utilize space at schools with capacity to accommodate additional students in neighboring communities.

Utilization* in these schools  

  • Berkeley ES
    • 60% as of Day-135 2020-21
    • 76% forecasted Day-135 2030-31  
  • Berkeley Intermediate
    • 61% as of Day-135 2020-21
    • 84% forecasted Day-135 2030-31
  • Berkeley MS 
    • 84% as of Day-135 2020-21
    • 96% forecasted Day-135 2030-31
  • Berkeley HS
    • 82% as of Day-135 2020-21
    • 94% forecasted Day-135 2030-31
  • Cane Bay MS
    • 101% as of Day-135 2020-21
    • 154% forecasted Day-135 2030-31
  • Cane Bay HS
    • 89% as of Day-135 2020-21
    • 104% forecasted Day-135 2030-31
  • Foxbank ES  
    • 102% as of Day-135 2020-21  
    • 125% forecasted Day-135 2030-31  
  • H. E .Bonner ES 
    • 69% as of Day-135 2020-21  
    • 66% forecasted Day-135 2030-31  
  • Macedonia MS  
    • 50% as of Day-135 2020-21  
    • 51% forecasted Day-135 2030-31  
  • Timberland HS  
    • 48% as of Day-135 2020-21  
    • 50% forecasted Day-135 2030-31
  • Whitesville ES
    • 69% as of Day-135 2020-21  
    • 92% forecasted Day-135 2030-31

* Utilization = students / calculated capacity. Mobile classrooms are not included.

Why was the Tailrace Canal selected as a boundary separating two attendance zones? 

When establishing attendance lines, officials look at natural and manmade boundaries, and existing property lines. This is to help ensure that boundary lines do not appear to be arbitrarily selected. The Tailrace Canal is a natural boundary that is easily recognizable and understood. 

What should I do if I discover my child is zoned for elementary and secondary schools in different feeder patterns?

This should not be an issue families identify; however, if you do discover this when checking your address in the BC GIS attendance zone service, please contact the BCSD Pupil Services Office at 843-899-8266. The BC GIS attendance zone service, which includes these proposed changes, can be found here:

What data was collected and analyzed to support the proposed attendance line changes and drafts? What else do you consider when determining school attendance boundaries when rezoning campuses?

The District contracts with Numerix Solutions, LLC to support GIS and demographic analysis, mathematical modeling, membership forecasting and assignment planning. District leaders and Numerix use a variety of tools to develop growth management plans such as GIS planning data and residential growth potential. Additionally, future area developments and projected enrollments are also considered. Best efforts are made to limit future redrawing of attendance lines; however, as Berkeley County continues to grow, additional attendance line changes may be considered to maximize capacity at existing schools and to support construction of new schools, such as the K-8 school currently under construction in the Carnes Crossroads area.

To view the Membership Forecast presentation from the September 14 public meeting of the Board, please click here:

How do I find out if I live in an area that could be rezoned?

Please review the proposed maps emailed to you and posted here. You can also utilize the BC GIS attendance zone service, which includes these proposed changes, here:

Please remember that this is a draft. All changes must be approved by the Board of Education. 

How soon is the Board expected to vote on and potentially approve these proposed changes?

The first reading of these proposed changes will take place during the November 9 meeting of the Board of Education.  

Will I have an opportunity to review these maps in person? 

Yes, BCSD has planned the following opportunities for communities to review the proposed changes:

  • October 21 at 6 pm, Berkeley Middle School
  • November 2 at 6 pm, Whitesville Elementary School
  • November 8 at 6 pm, Macedonia Middle School

When will these proposed changes go into effect?

If approved by the Board of Education, students will attend schools according to these attendance lines in August 2022.

How do I file an attendance appeal?

For information concerning attendance appeals, please contact the BCSD Pupil Services Office at 843-899-8266. We do encourage families to reach out to the school administrators to set up a time to tour the schools and learn more about them before filing attendance appeals. Attendance appeals are determined considering family and/or student hardship factors.