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Complete the school climate - parent survey

Published Monday, March 20, 2023

The annual school climate- parent survey is now available in the PowerSchool Parent Portal website under Forms. This survey serves multiple purposes.

The results of the parent survey will be reported on the 2023 school report card as required by state law. Measuring parents’ perception of and involvement in schools provides valuable information to principals and their faculty. The goal is to identify strengths and weaknesses and define opportunities to improve parental involvement at your school and in the state.

Additionally, the parent survey provides information to improve school and district performance. The Education Accountability Act requires the annual school report card to include evaluations by parents of each school. In addition, the Parental Involvement in Their Children’s Education Act requires the EOC to survey parents to determine if state and local efforts are effective in increasing parental involvement. The parent survey meets the requirements of both laws.

Again, the Parent School Climate Survey is available in the PowerSchool Parent Portal website under Forms. If you are not able to access the survey, please contact the school for your individual QR code.

The survey will close on March 24. Your time and effort in completing this survey is greatly appreciated.