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Math scores earn HES title of 'i-Ready Super School'

Published on Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2023

group photo of admin and students holding up banner

Cindy Manning's first-graders at Hanahan Elementary have some impressive math skills.

Those skills have helped earn their school get recognized as an i-Ready Super School, and now students are determined to continue to work hard and keep their title.

For the past month, students have participated in a contest while they worked on their i-Ready math lessons. i-Ready is an online assessment and instruction tool teachers use to support students in reading and math proficiency. In the contest, students were monitored for following their i-Ready lessons and completing tasks within a certain amount of time per week.  

A few other schools in Berkeley County School District have already earned an i-Ready Super School banner for their hard work in reading and math. Superintendent Dr. Anthony Dixon and Coordinator of Innovation Jennifer Croley were among a few district officials who swung by the school on Wednesday morning to present the i-Ready Super School banner to Hanahan Elementary.

Since her class has demonstrated the most growth in their math scores, Manning's students were asked to receive the banner on their school's behalf. 

"Out of the whole school, your class made the most progress out of anyone," Croley said, adding, "Thanks to all of the hard work that you all do every day, the hard work that your teacher does every day...and we are so, so proud of you."

The news was met with a round of applause from the students inside the school's multipurpose room. Croley further challenged them to keep at it with their math lessons and see if they can retain their title next month.

Great job, Hanahan Elementary!

students clapping