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eLearning Day FAQs

Published Wednesday, October 16, 2019

As we close in on Berkeley County School District's first eLearning Day on October 25, we feel it is important to share these most frequently asked questions and answers. Additional information about BCSD eLearning Days can be found at

How will parents and students know when an eLearning Day will take place?

eLearning Days have been pre-scheduled to occur on the approved inclement weather make up days from the BCSD instructional calendar. During the 19-20 school year, these dates will be used to make up instructional time missed due to the impact of Hurricane Dorian (September 2-6). These dates are: October 25 ,2019; March 13, 2020 and April 10, 2020. Notification will be sent to parents and students of an upcoming eLearning Day. Information will be shared through the district and school websites, via social media, letters home, automated messaging calls, and local media outlets.

Do students report to school when an eLearning Day takes place?
When an eLearning Day takes place, students will not report to school. All students will have access to instructional materials from their homes. Regular school operation will resume according to the BCSD instructional calendar.

Is attendance recorded for an eLearning Day?
Recording attendance for instructional days are required. Teachers will keep a record of expected assignments. Submitted assignments from students will account for students' attendance for the eLearning Day. Each student will have 3 school days from the eLearning Day to turn in completed assignments. Failure to submit assignments from the eLearning Day will result in the student being marked with an unexcused absence. Please note that attendance is recorded for the entire instructional day.

What if a student does not have a chromebook?
Students will be given a variety of instructional activities during an eLearning Day and some activities may not require a device or the use of technology. Accommodations and alternate assignments are provided for students without a Chromebook or internet connection.

What if a student receives instructional support during a regular school day?
All student accommodations will be followed and considered when designing eLearning activities. Classroom teachers, Administration, ESOL teachers, GT teachers, Special Services teachers, Related Arts teachers, and BCSD Technology will be available during the eLearning Day to provide necessary support.


What if a student is having difficulty accessing a video or website that was assigned by the teacher?
Students should be logged into their Google accounts or appropriate learning management system to access their assignments. Google Classroom can be launched from the student ClassLink menu. Teachers will be available during scheduled office hours to assist students with assignments and answer any questions. ClassLink will also have a shortcut to the Student Technical Support Help Desk during the designated eLearning Days to provide technical assistance.