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BCSD's October 25th eLearning Day: Information for parents

Published Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Berkeley County School District was approved for the eLearning Pilot for students to make up days missed for inclement weather primarily through digital learning. (Proviso 1A.83. of the 19-20 General Appropriation bill, H.4000) BCSD's first eLearning Day will be on October 25th.

What will an eLearning Day look like?

Your child will be completing assignments from home (or other locations), primarily in virtual ways.  Students will log-into Google Classroom, SeeSaw, or other digital platforms to gain access to assignments from their teachers.  Parents may support their child by helping them complete assignments, navigate digital tools, and so forth.

How will the students access assignments and resources?

Students will access assignments as directed by their specific school/teacher. In most cases, students will have assignments to complete on these digital platforms. In some cases, students may receive non-digital assignments. Students will have work to complete from their regular daily schedule. Students will return assignments through as directed by their specific school/teacher.

What if a student does not or cannot complete the activities on the make-up day?

If students can’t complete the assignment on the eLearning Day, they have three school days to make it up and submit the work. If assignments are not completed by 10/30/19, students will be marked absent.

What are the eLearning dates?             

*October 25, 2019   *March 13, 2020   *April 10, 2020

What if support is needed during the actual eLearning Days?

* Technology- Students can access a technology helpdesk through class link (active only on eLearning days)

* Academic- Communicate with the teacher during established virtual office hours 

* Refer to school website for more information BCSD will be collecting feedback from parents, teachers, and students after the first eLearning Day on October 25th!