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CARES Act to fund a list of items for 2020-2021 school year

Published on Tuesday, July 21, 2020

BCSD is using nearly $6.8 million through the CARES Act to purchase the following items for the upcoming school year.

The proposed uses for CARES Act funding have been presented to the South Carolina Department of Education and received approval. The list has been approved by the district’s Finance Committee and will go before the full board for approval at their Tuesday, July 28 meeting.

SC CARES ESSER 202 is a sub grant program funded and authorized by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund and administered by the South Carolina Department of Education.

Funds must be spent by September 30, 2021. For a full breakdown of how the funds will be spent, visit the CARES Act page on BCSD’s Back to School site.

The plan is to purchase the following items from the SC CARES grant. These items will be distributed to schools and departments throughout the district:

  • 400,000 gloves
  • 25,000 adult masks and 10,000 child masks
  • 10,000 reusable cloth masks
  • 4,500 face shields
  • 34,000 gowns for special education and nurses
  • Hand sanitizer: 900 2-liter bottles, 500 dispensers and 3,500 refills
  • 8,100 spray bottles
  • Disinfectant: 100 cases (four per case). Each makes 40 gallons (custodians will be responsible for mixing
  • 100 thermometers at all locations
  • 48 privacy curtains for clinics to isolate students
  • 96 sneeze guards for front offices
  • 300 privacy shields for desktop student use in special education
  • 4,356 Chromebooks to cover Kindergarten students, new students and replacement Chromebooks, plus 1,000 hotspots
  • Electrostatic sprayers: 100 sprayers plus 50 backpacks (buses and schools)
  • Substitutes: one additional for a staff of 1-25; two additional for a staff of 25-54; three additional for a staff of 55 to 74; and four additional for a staff over 75
  • Up to eight substitute nurses provided per day
  • 75 air purifiers for offices and large areas (cafeteria, auditorium, etc.)