Welcome to the Office of the Executive Director of Secondary Schools!

    The Executive Director for Secondary Schools contributes to the overall educational excellence in schools by providing leadership, administrative direction, supervision and technical support. He works side by side with school leaders to ensure that all schools make acceptable progress toward reaching district and school goals. The Executive Director for Secondary Schools conducts regular school visits to assess educational and operational effectiveness and provide feedback and assistance to school administrators, which supports a positive learning and working environment. He conducts formal evaluations of principals as well as provide recommendations to the superintendent regarding hiring and dismissal of administrators.

    The Executive Director for Secondary Schools is also responsible for:

    • working with school leadership teams to develop and implement plans that address school needs and capitalize on school strengths.

    • helping to ensure an open line of communication across the school system hierarchy.

    • monitoring the quality of school environments and instructional programs.

    • assisting in school-district grant coordination as needed.