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    I am Debbie Maatta and I welcome you to the 2015-16 school year here at Marrington Elementary School.  I have a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education from Charleston Southern University and a Master In Education in the Arts from Lesley University in Cambridge, Mass. I have been teaching music for twenty years in Berkeley County. I am really excited about our new school year at MNE and teaching music to some of the best students in Berkeley County.

    Music relates to language arts, science, history and math. It teaches students different ways to solving problems, work together to achieve goals and see the end result of their hard work, while at the same time having fun. Music gives students the freedom to express feelings and emotions through singing and playing instruments.  Music is a wonderful teaching tool to develop high self esteem. I hope this year each student will develop their musical talent and achieve their own personal goal while enjoying the art of music.