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    Ms. Amanda Luttrell

    Welcome to art! This is my 11th year teaching art in Berkeley County.  I received my Master of Education degree in 2010 (Graceland University) and a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education (Kent State University) in 2006.  Please explore our website and feel free to e-mail with any questions. 

    Marrington Elementary
    101 Gearing Street
    Goose Creek, SC 29445
    Phone: 843-572-3373
    Fax: 843-820-4063
    Principal:  Jennifer Thielmann 

    Art Room Rules:

    I strongly encourage my students to take responsibility for their own actions and to take responsibility for their art room.  Students are expected to follow these rules throughout the year.  We have the following art room rules:

    1) Listen and raise your hand.
    2) Stay in your seat.
    3) Keep hands, feet, and materials to yourself
    4) Respect the art supplies/ Clean up

     If a student does not follow the rules, then:
    4) Verbal warning
    3) Your student will be sent to the “Peace Table” to write down the problem and possible solutions
    2) Parent Contact & Peace Table 
    1) Office referral

    *Any of these steps may be omitted for severe or repeated behaviors

     Positive incentives include art awards, artworks being shown, an “art party,”  face painting, etc.  

    Your students will learn about a variety of artists and use multiple types of media throughout the year.  All lessons encompass SC’s state standards, which can be found on the state department's website.  Lessons will be graded based on studio projects, rubrics, student participation, student growth, and student responses.

    Grades K-2 will receive a:  1, 2, 3, or 4

    Grades 3-5 will receive a:  U, N, S-, S, S+

     Art Room Procedures: 

    Students can earn "crayons" for following the art room rules and procedures.  Each time a class enters the art room, they may earn two crayons.  When students have collected 14 crayons, they will receive an art celebration.  After all classes have earned their initial party, students will "race" against one another to see who wins 14 crayons first.   The class who wins receives a special celebration and the contest starts over.  Each class will receive at least one art party each year.

    To earn one crayon, students must do ALL of the following:
    *Enter the room quietly
    *Wait for permission before touching any materials
    *Work quietly
    *Put away all supplies
    *Have a clean floor
    *Have a clean sink
    *Line up quietly

    To earn a "Bonus" crayon, all students must have followed our art room rules for the day

    Art celebrations:  Art celebrations include Art Bingo, Art Videos with popcorn,  and/or a Face Painting Party.  If you do not wish your child to participate in thFace Painting celebration (small designs on the cheek or hand, non-toxic, professional quality Snazaroo face paint), please send a written note with your child's full name, class, and your signature.  They will be recognized by some other small token of achievement.  Thanks!

     Take a Break: 

    There table set aside for students to go to if they need to take a break, possibly because they are disturbing the peaceful environment of our art room.  Once there, students fill out a notebook asking 1) Why are you at the Peace Table? And 2) What are you going to do to fix the problem?  Once students have filled out the notebook, I will discuss the situation with them before they go back to their seats.  I may ask students to go to the Peace Table or a student may take another student to the Peace Table if there is a problem.  It is my hope that through the Peace Table students will learn and develop problem solving skills and conflict management skills.  It is important that students take responsibility for their actions and decisions. 

    Student Helpers:

    Student helpers are assigned by table and change monthly.  Helper tags will sit on the helper table and this table will change each month.  Those students put on the helper tags and have specific jobs.  Jobs include: Supply managers, Sink monitor, Free shelf organizer, Floor monitor, and Drying rack monitor.  Helpers usually help at the beginning and end of class.  Helpers receive stickers at the end of each class and are essential to keeping our art room organized. Congratulations if your student is being a responsible learner and has the honor of being an art room helper this month! 


    STEP Art (Special Talented Enrichment Program for students Gifted/Talented in the Fine Arts):


    STEP Art is a district- provided enrichment program for students identified as GT in Art, Dance, Music, or Drama.  This year, applications will go out in the fall.  Each year I nominate a small number of students to audition for this art program.  If you would like your student to audition, but he or she was not nominated, parents may also nominate their students. The auditions involve a portfolio and art test, and are highly competitive.  Students who are accepted into the STEP Art program are eligible for free art lessons and a summer camp.  Applications are currently available online.


    STEP Application link:



    At moments of great enthusiasm, it seems to me that no one in the world has ever made something this beautiful or important."  -M.C. Escher