CBH 9th Grade Electives

  • Agricultural Science – teach essential concepts and understanding related to plant and animal life including biotechnology, the conservation of natural resources and the impact of agriculture and natural resource utilization on the environment.


    Advanced Placement Computer Science - must have earned high school Algebra 1 and English 1 credits. Computer Science Principles is an introductory Advanced Placement (AP®) course designed to broaden participation in computer science.


    Art 1 or Art 2


    Band 1 or Band 2 – band director recommendation


    Child Literature –study various children’s novels and young adult literature and participate in Socratic seminars


    Chorus 1 or Chorus 2


    Creative Writing Honors– in depth study of the creative writing process and designed for students who enjoy writing


    Dance 1


    Digital Art and Design - The Digital Art and Design program prepares students for a multitude of careers in the graphic design field.  This program provides instruction in layout, computer design, electronic art, color enhancement and digital photography.


    Entrepreneurship – develop knowledge and skills to develop a business plan for small business owners


    Foundations of Animation – create and modify movies using objects, graphics, sound, animation and special effects.


    French 1


    French 2 – must have earned a high school credit in French 1


    Fundamentals of Computing – high school computer credit - students will be introduced to interface design, limits of computers and societal and ethical issues. 


    Health Science 1 – students will be introduced to standard precautions, HIPPA confidentiality, first aid procedures and fire safety.


    Intro to Engineering must have earned high school Algebra 1 and English 1 credits – This course concentrates on students learning problem-solving skills using design and development process.  College credit can be earned.


    Intro to Law – prepares students to perform duties of police and public service officers


    Jazz Band – must be in band


    Law Educationthis course provides an overview of the law with emphasis on personal rights and responsibilities


    Marketing – overview of marketing functions including selling, promotion and distribution


    Percussion Band – must be in band


    Principles of Bio Med – must have earned high school Algebra 1 and English 1 credits.  Investigate diseases, which impedes the body’s systems.  Student’s work independently, students will be tasked with reading and performing tasks on their own.  College credit can be earned.


    Psychologythis course provides students with an in-depth understanding of the scientific study of human behavior


    Sociologythis course provides students with an overview of group behavior patterns.  It will focus on the study of human behavior in-group situations.


    Spanish 2 – must have earned a high school credit in Spanish 1


    Steel Drums


    Strings Orchestra and Rehearsal – (2 classes) – strings teacher recommendation


    Theatre 1 or Theatre 2


    Unified PE – students with and without disabilities work together to learn new skills – this does not count as a PE credit


    Web Page I – students will develop skills in designing, implementing and the ability to maintain a website using authoring tools.


    Yearbook 1