Building & Signage

  • Building layout/space

    • Replace tables in classrooms with individual student desk if practical. Students will be assigned the same desk daily. Clear dividers will be provided for classrooms with tables.
    • Students will sit 6-ft. apart if practical.
    • To the extent possible, all student desks’ will face one direction.
    • Large gatherings will not be allowed. Students and staff will be encouraged to keep at least a 6 feet distance (stickers will be purchased and used throughout the building and classrooms)
    • Hallway use will be limited to the extent possible.
    • Students and staff will be encouraged to wear face coverings. Disposable face covering will be available for students and staff.
    • Hand sanitizer stations are at all entrance/exits and throughout the school.

    Limited student movement

    • Meals will be in the in classrooms (breakfast for all students and lunch for all students).
    • Teachers will use the bathrooms within their classrooms; rooms without bathrooms will follow a designated schedule for the hallway bathrooms.
    • Teachers will monitor their classes to ensure they are practicing “social distancing”.
    • Hallways will be marked with stickers that designate the appropriate “social distancing” space. Plans will be implemented for arrival and dismissal that incorporate social distancing.
    • Compile a list of medically fragile students and develop individual plans as needed.
    • Recess will be scheduled for all classes limiting the number of classes to a designated area to one class per area.
    • Teachers will closely monitor students and to the extent possible encourage students to social distance during outside activities. Non-porous equipment’s such as sports balls or items that can be easily cleaned will be allowed during recess. 
    • Playground equipment will be off limits until further notice.