Regulations & Cost

  • Please read the following information carefully as it contains important details concerning parking cost, rules, and expectations.

    Parking spots will be handed out on a first come, first served basis. Due to the limited number of parking spots available, parking will only be available to seniors and juniors only.

    *Sophomores will not be allowed to park on campus. There will be no exceptions.

    The online form is a requirement and will determine the order decals will be made available to students.

    The form must be submitted prior to August 2nd to secure a spot for senior/junior schedule pickup day (August 4th for seniors, August 5th for juniors).

    If all spots sell out those days, we will not have any remaining spots for the rest of the school year. A waiting list will be created for those students who were unable to secure a spot in the lot. When a spot becomes available, it will be handed out in order of form submission and the cost will remain $50.

    If there are spots remaining after those two days, they will be handed out to seniors or juniors on a first come, first served basis following the submission of the form.

    Students who are guaranteed a parking tag will receive an email from the school with information about picking up the tag prior to the first day of school.


    1. Students may purchase a parking tag at a cost of $50.00 to park on campus for the 2021-2022 school year. That price will stand firm whether the tag is purchased on August 3rd or May 3rd. No tag will be issued until payment is received.

    2. Payment may be made in either cash or check (payable to Hanahan High School). Checks will need to include a phone number (it may be handwritten) for us to accept them.


    1. Seniors will be assigned parking in the senior parking lot. Juniors will be assigned parking in the junior parking area.

    2. Students must have a conditional driver's license allowing them to drive alone. The form for a student with only a beginner's permit will not be approved.

    3. Parking tags must be displayed in the front window at all times. Vehicles without decals may be subject to towing.

    4. Students may not leave campus during the day unless they follow the proper sign-out procedures. Any student who leaves campus without having signed out will be subject to a referral for leaving school.

    5. Students do not have permission to go to the parking lot or to a vehicle during the school day. Vehicles should not used as lockers. If a student needs to get something from their car, they need permission from an administrator to do so.

    6. Students may not share parking tags or transfer their tag to a different student.

    7. Students driving a vehicle different than the one listed on this form should notify school administration upon arrival. Information about the new / different vehicle should be provided and the assigned parking decal must be displayed.


    1. Students must follow all safety rules and traffic signs while driving on school grounds.

    2. Vehicles should not exceed 10 mph while driving on school grounds.

    3. Music should be not be heard outside the vehicle anytime while on campus.

    4. Blaring horns or the continual honking of horns will result in the loss of the parking permit for one week.

    5. Vehicles on school property are subject to search by school administration. Students will be held responsible for any contraband that is found in their vehicles. If any items are found that are not allowed on campus, the student will be subject to consequences up to recommendation for expulsion.

    6. Consequences for additional violations will include ISS/OSS, loss of privileges from one week up to the remainder of the year. Please see the chart below.


Parking / Driving Violations and Consequences