• At every level, the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the delivery of education, as we know it, forcing us to become more innovative and responsive to the needs of our students wherever they may be.  The student-teacher relationship has become more important than ever as we forge through these critical times.  We must do everything within our power to engage students, whether it be from home, or face-to-face at school to ensure they have a wonderful and successful school experience. 

    As we begin the new school year, we have the opportunity like never before to combine the strengths of multiple delivery models, using technology and providing students voice and choice, while maintaining the foundations of education that make the student-teacher relationship.  This plan has been developed to cover the ways in which we will work to help every student have a successful school year at SSE.

    In light of this new pandemic environment, we believe it is important to understand two key factors: 1) the school’s ability to maintain a safe and healthy school environment, and 2) the prevalence of COVID-19 in our community.  We understand that although this plan has been developed with procedures, processes and strategies for beginning school we will need to regularly evaluate these two key factors as things potentially change over the coming months. 

    Given the dynamic nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, this guidance will more than likely evolve as further research, data and information become available.  In the meantime, we will follow the rules and guidance of BCSD, CDC and other organizations.  At SSE, we remain steadfastly committed to educating and supporting our parents and students to ensure that each one has a successful school year.


    Words to Remember

    BCSD Blended Distance Learning Model

    The BCSD Blended Distance Learning Model provides students a balance of opportunities to access and engage with standards-based content within an online platform and beyond through teacher-created opportunities.  Teachers will incorporate online learning platforms with synchronous live learning experiences and live direct instruction.


    Synchronous learning occurs live and in real time supported by video conferencing solutions like Zoom, Google Meet, Go-to-Meeting and YouTube Live.  When used in concert with an online teaching platform or learning management system, synchronous learning allows educators to replicate many of the experiences common to an in-person classroom.  This includes the ability for attendees to access lecture slides, respond to interactive questions and engage with discussion threads.


    Asynchronous learning takes advantage of many of the same technologies.  The main difference is that learning is self-paced and not reliant on adhering to a schedule.  Educators can deliver content and assignments remotely using solution like Google Meet to record and post lectures online.  With the right technology learning can interact with digital courseware, assignments, homework questions and discussion threads to support engagement with faculty and other students.  The benefit is being able to do this without the need for participants to be online at the same time.