• NOTE: These plans are subject to change. Any updates will be marked and dated.

    The purpose of this plan is to outline the procedures and protocols developed by Philip  Simmons Middle staff.  Our goal is to implement measures in an attempt to protect the  health and safety of students and staff while providing face-to-face instruction for those  who selected this Learning Pathway.​ ​The guidelines referenced in this plan are in  compliance with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Berkeley County School  District (BCSD).  The Philip Simmons Middle School plan is aligned with the Berkeley  County School District Reopening Plan for Education: COVID-19 Response and Path  Forward.     Students will be taught all expectations during the first week of school to ensure  understanding of new norms for all areas of the building.  Norms will be retaught as  necessary to ensure that all students and staff have a clear understanding of our  operating procedures.  As we continue to problem solve in our opening, please  understand that this plan is fluid and updates and/or changes will be made as needed.  We appreciate your adaptability and cooperation during our reopening journey  together!   

    Regular updates will be made to this plan as information becomes available and changes occur based on guidance from the CDC and BCSD (see the district re-opening plan).