• NOTE: These plans are subject to change. Any updates will be marked and dated.

    In-School Procedures


    It is the expectation that students will follow the expectations of the BCSD Student Code of Conduct. Failure to adhere to the Code of Conduct could result in a change to the student’s instructional delivery model at the discretion of the administration. Parents will have the right to appeal to the Office of Administrative Assignment within three days.


    Shark Breakfast Kiosk Stations will be set up at each student entrance. Students will receive lanyards and lunch codes to use at the kiosk station. Students will receive their breakfast after they have been temperature checked and sanitized their hands. Students will bring their breakfast to their classroom to eat. See Student Area Sanitizing Section below. Students will sanitize their desks using the provided sanitizing wipes after they finish eating breakfast. Students will dispose of their trays in the trash bags located in their classroom. Custodians will visit each classroom to collect the breakfast trash.


    Students will remain in their homeroom classrooms for their core classes while COVID transmission rates are high.  Students are to remain in their own designated seat and use their own designated supplies.  Core teachers will rotate to the students to deliver instruction in an effort to decrease hallway traffic.  Students will leave their classroom with a teacher escort to travel to their designated related arts classroom.  Student desks in related arts classrooms will be sanitized during transitions.


    Students are expected to follow the dress code policy.  Students are also expected to wear a cloth mask while in the building (see face coverings protocol).   Bandana masks and ski type masks will not be allowed. Failure to adhere to the dress code expectations could result in a change to the student’s instructional delivery model at the discretion of the administration.  Parents will have the right to appeal to the Office of Administrative Assignment within three days.


    Two-way traffic will occur in several instances throughout the day. Hallways will be clearly marked to indicate the expected traffic patterns. Teachers will walk students to the cafeteria to retrieve their lunch and out to the recess field at the appropriate times.


    Students will not utilize lockers this school year. Students are encouraged to bring only necessary supplies with them. Students will keep all supplies with them.


    Students will pick-up their lunch from the cafeteria. Classes will use a staggered schedule to travel to the cafeteria to collect their lunch. All three lines will be utilized, but each class will have a designated line and time to get their lunch. Students will take their lunch back to the classroom to eat. Students will sanitize their desks prior to eating lunch. The custodial staff will collect the lunch trash and sanitize the students’ desks while the students are at recess. Students who have allergies will be provided an alternate location that is allergen free in which to eat their lunch.


    Students will be able to visit the Media Center to check out books on a limited basis. Students will be encouraged to check out E-Books when possible in lieu of paper copies. In the event a student checks out a paper copy, the book will be held for two-weeks after the turn in date before the book is out back into circulation.


    Students will have recess daily. Classes will utilize recess equipment that is easy to clean and disinfect. Recess rules will be created by each grade level.


    Restroom usage will be staggered to avoid too many students in the restroom at one time. Students will be permitted to use every other stall, urinal, and sink. Signage will be posted in each restroom reminding students to sanitize their hands. Restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized frequently. There are sanitizing stations located outside each restroom.