• NOTE: These plans are subject to change. Any updates will be marked and dated.

    Safety Procedures

    Physical Plant: 

    • Signage, visual reminders, and markings will be placed around the school to communicate expectations regarding social distancing and safe habits. 
    • PPE will be utilized and distributed to personnel as provided by BCSD. This may include gloves, masks, thermometers, and face shields. 
    • The use of face coverings will be encouraged.


    Cleaning Protocols: 

    • Students will be instructed on proper safety procedures, including washing/sanitizing hands frequently, wearing a mask, and limiting their proximity to others. 
    • To the extent possible and practical, we will follow CDC cleaning and sanitizing protocols. This will include an increase in the frequency of sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces (such as door handles, as well as an increase in the frequency with which the custodians clean restrooms. 
    • Custodial staff will sanitize classroom furniture (chairs, desks) and classroom restrooms at the end of each day, and more frequently as time allows. 
    • Custodial staff will be asked to frequently sanitize commonly touched surfaces.