Car Rider Drop-off/Pick-up Diagram

  • Cars will use the entrance located past Cane Bay Middle School and proceed toward the front loop of Cane Bay Elementary. (VIEW DIAGRAM BELOW)

    • All staff members will be issued a staff parking decal that will assist with entering school lots during high traffic times.
    • Staff members on duty will conduct temperature checks as students exit their vehicles. Those students who are fever free will proceed. Those with a fever will be documented and leave campus immediately.
    • Staff members will encourage social distancing as they walk toward and into the building.
    • These students will enter the building through the 100 hallway atrium doors (front left of the building).
    • Students choosing to eat breakfast will select a to-go meal from a kiosk located in the 100 hallway atrium.
    • Students will proceed directly to classrooms.

    Car Rider traffic map