• front of westview middle

    Westview Middle School enjoyed a highly successful year of accomplishments as our staff of 53 teachers guided our students to develop world-class skills for the life and career characteristics of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate. Westview continued the one-to-one usage of Chromebooks this school year, allowing our Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) to integrate technology daily into our academic core and fine arts classes.  Westview Middle’s administration, faculty, and staff members worked collaboratively to build positive relationships with students, parents, and community members to promote a culture of rigor, creativity, and engaging instructional practices throughout our school.

    To maintain our focus on teaching and learning, Westview Middle School’s PLC’s focused on literacy and reading by using a daily flex period to allow students to read independently while also allowing teachers to assist students in Response to Intervention (RTI).  Teachers provided rigorous instruction to prepare students for high stakes testing and a challenging high school curriculum by providing an emphasis on text dependent analysis in all classes. Struggling students were offered extra help and remediation through tutoring, flex period, ASSIST Lab, and Friday School. Using the Making Middle Grades Work key practices, school personnel used student assessment data to monitor and adjust curriculum, instruction, and assessment to ensure vertical and horizontal alignment. Westview Middle School aligns expectations with the Berkeley County School District goals for achievement, instruction, and statement of purpose.

    The Westview community and businesses supported students by providing career speakers and hands-on activities for our students.  Guidance counselors worked with our Career Specialist to provide foundations for choosing careers and to provide opportunities to meet professionals from many different career fields. Our student ambassadors, and Lady and Gentleman Warriors were provided career and social development opportunities as they assisted with special programs in our school.  Westview’s guidance department hosted parent information nights, Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) meetings, and career exploration activities to assist students and parents in preparation for careers and higher education opportunities. Lunch and Learn was created this year to bring in career speakers to speak with smaller, targeted groups of students, resulting in more speakers and more student interest in career development.